Sep 27, 2008

Pet Sitting – September 2008

Just in case their Mommy and Daddy are checking the Blogesphere.

Hi Mommy and Daddy! – Happy Birthday! Mrs. Lili has strings on her sweater that she lets me play with, and she talks to me a lot so I talk a lot back to her and roll on the kitchen floor to show her my belly. It’s FUN!!! I miss you! See you soon!

Hey there - Jack here - Nice people you’ve sent to take care of us. Good food… Good water… I’m keeping everything safe, don’t you worry about a thing. See you in a few days.
P.S. I forgot, where do you keep my toys so that Mrs. Lili can play with me?

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

Sep 14, 2008

Seriously!!!??? – September 2008

Friday brought to a close one of the most stressful weeks I’ve had in some time. I want to make a point to say that it wasn’t the bad kind of stress, but rather the driving kind that causes you to do really good work. All of that to say I had decided early on in the afternoon that I would be making a stop off on the way home at our local grocery store for a take and bake pizza and our beverages of choice. I hit the door at as close to 5:00pm as possible (which was actually closer to 6:00pm). Anyhow, I got to the grocery with a goal of record time and I was successful. I was in and out in about five minutes.

Back in the parking lot, I am in route to little Annie (My red, 14 year old ford) when I am stopped in my tracks. Parked next to my car is THIS!!! I honestly laughed out loud.

Note to Reader: I do work for the largest after market automotive parts retailer, but by no means am I what you would call a “Car Girl”. Don‘t get me wrong, I like cars, and I know the basics… but… well… beyond basic stuff I rely on my husband, and friends, or I just leave it to the experts. All of this to say, even with the little car knowledge that I have, I am almost positive that there isn’t a practical reason to do this to your car.

Additional Note to Reader: Did you notice that this car is actually taller than the SUV beside it. HA!!!

Note to the owner of this car: Please pardon me for making fun of your ride, but SERIOUSLY!!!??? What on earth were you thinking!!!??? I bet you are paying at least twice what I am on your weekly gas bill? And don’t even try to say this is a “hybrid”. When they said “Go Green” this was not what they were talking about. Even if you are totally cool with, or can just deal with the color, what the heck possessed you to jack your pea green town car up onto monster truck tires? Thanks for the laugh!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

Sep 3, 2008

Cash in the Closet!!! - September 2008

I’ve started somewhat of a tradition that on both Labor Day and Memorial Day, if I am home, I will use one of the days of that three day weekend to clean out my closet. This means a complete overhaul of its contents.

Note to reader: For some reason (which I don’t mind at all) when people clean out their closets, I am the person to which they deliver their hand-me-downs. It has ALWAYS been that way. On top of that I have a difficult time giving away clothing that is either just a little bit big or a little bit small, because I think that one day I may need it. I offer these not as excuses, but just present them as explanations as to the abundance of clothing I have that I may have never worn due to size and/or style.

So each spring and fall I challenge myself to fill at least one garbage bag full of clothing to give away to Good Will. This Labor Day was no exception. After sending my husband off at 6:00 a.m. for a “long call” day at the hospital, I tackled some general house work mixed with a few selections from my DVR box till about 10:00.

Please Note: This isn’t the most efficient way to clean, but at least you enjoy yourself in the process.

After about three hours at the pool (don’t you love my work ethic), I resigned myself to the fact that I HAD to get this project started. So with a CD full of assorted music about cars pumping through the stereo (I was screening songs for dirty lyrics for work… no really!), I set myself to the task at hand, and I was able to step back from my hard work at about 7pm to reveal a beautifully organized closet and $26!!!.

(I know, there's only $21 in this picture. I took $5 and played BUNCO!)

I exceeded my goal and ended up with 2 boxes (about 8 pairs of shoes) and 2 trash bags full of stuff to take to Good Will. On top of that I threw away a bag and a half of trash. I still feel like I could have done more, but with that having been said, maybe I will take my $21 to TJ Max because my closet is seriously naked!!!

Till Next Time,
Bon Voyage!