Jan 9, 2016

Stitch Fix #20 - January 2016 - Knoxville, TN

Once again I didn't make any specific requests for this month's Fix and while it worked out wonderfully last time, this time was a little different.  Even though I kept a few of the pics from my last fix and praised my stylists choices I, once again, got a brand new stylist.  I guess this is a lessen learned... If I want a particular stylist, I need to ask for her by name in my note to my stylist.  Sorry to Caroline for not requesting you by name.
"Hey Lili, Happy Fix Day! I loved styling this Fix for you with some pieces inspired by your Pinterest.  I noticed you pinned a black lace blouse.  We didn't have the exact blouse in inventory, but I sent the lace back top for a similar look that can be dressed up or down.  Since you pinned a sweater with zipper detail, I thought the navy and black RD Style sweater for you to wear with jeans or leggings for a cozy look.  I also sent the Market & Spruce cardigan that you pinned to layer over casual outfits.  Let me know what you think of these picks in your feedback during checkout! - Tori"

RD STYLE Gilianna V-Neck Zipper Detail Sweater $68.00
Size: Too Big | Style: Like It | Price: Too High | Fit / Cut: Like It

I like this sweater...
I tried it on first with simple, black, wide leg trousers. I'm not sure if you can tell from the photos, but the front is deep navy blue...
 and the back is black.
I like it, but its really baggy.
I swapped the trousers for my most comfy jeans and lost the shoes all together.
I think it'd be perfect for lounging around the house.  
The reason I decided not to keep this piece was because $70 is a bit too expensive for a knock around the house top.

MARKET & SPRUCE Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan
Size: Just Right | Style: Love It | Price: Just right | Fit / Cut: Love It
I LOVE this cardigan!
With that fact out of the way, I've seen this cardigan all over people's pin boards in somme BEAUTIFUL colors!

While looking for pretty colors I found this cute blogger who left it open and thought that was sort of cute too.
While reading her post I discovered she didn't care for the length  of the waist and sleeves.  Which goes to show that everyone's style is unique to them. That's what makes Stitch Fix so amazing .  I have a note in my Style Profile that says I love tops with longer waists, so  I was actually drawn to the cardigan because of the length of waist and sleeves.

The fabric is so soft and the jersey is super forgiving and flattering.  It also washes really well!  With 3 little ones, that in itself is GOLD!
I'm not sure why, with all the gorgeous colors this blouse is available in, my NEW stylist sent me black, but regardless it's beautiful and I'd definitely wouldn't mind another one in another color!

COLLETTE Anastagio Lace Cross Back Knit Top
(simple front)
(super beautiful back)

Size: Just Right | Style: Love It | Price: Just right | Fit / Cut: Love It

This top is BEAUTIFUL! so unique and exactly the kind of piece I've been hoping for in my last 5 or 6 fixes!  It's conservative and sexy and my husband likes it as well which is always great!
the back is such a simple yet gorgeous surprise!
the lace and layered fabric are so unique!

Even the addition of a simple orange and white chevron scarf I picked up at the end of last year's football season makes this outfit amazing!

GILLI Morgen Skirt

Size: Just Right | Style: Like It | Price: Just right | Fit / Cut: Like It

I tried it first with the COLLETTE Anastagio Knit Top
It was pretty and somewhat flattering, but I was surprised I din't like it more.
For starters, this skirt, once again, is really similar to a PAPERMOON Kasidy Swing Skirt I received in my 11th Fix. 
I switched it up a bit and tried it with a simple button down white shirt and the Mavi Kalie Denim Jacket from Fix #9
Still not in love with this look.  
I think it's because of how it rests on my waist.  Just not super flattering.  Although I kept the skirt from fix 9, I don't think I'll be keeping this one.

41HAWTHORN Lana Lace Detail Blouse $58.00
Size: Just Right | Style: Love It | Price: Just right | Fit / Cut: Love It
This blouse is pretty freaking cute!
It is almost EXACTLY like this Mystree top...
I received in another fix!?
Honestly, I wish I could return that one and keep this one!
The shoulder/arm hole is much nicer!
I think if it had been in a different color I wouldn't have have any hesitation about keeping it. but at the end of the day they were just too similar in color to justify keeping it.

RD STYLE Gilianna V-Neck Zipper Detail Sweater $68.00 - SEND BACK
MARKET & SPRUCE Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan $68.00 - KEEP
COLLETTE Anastagio Lace Cross Back Knit Top $58.00 - KEEP
GILLI Morgen Skirt $54.00 - SEND BACK
41HAWTHORN Lana Lace Detail Blouse $58.00 - SEND BACK

I'm mildly happy with this fix the 2 pieces I kept I really LOVE.  They are unlike anything else I haven my closet and overall, that was the reason I started getting Stitch Fix! The other three pieces were really disappointing. One was HUGE just like 3 other sweaters I received in previous fixes.  One was almost EXACTLY like a top I received in a previous fix and the last piece was just not flattering on my petite frame!

What is Stitch Fix ?
How Does It Work
It really is FANTASTICALLY EASY! The Stitch Fix Q&A page does a GREAT job explaining everything but the basics are... Fill out your Style Profile. Pick the date you’d like to receive your shipment. you'll pay a $20 styling fee before each fix which is applied to anything you purchase. Your "Fix" will arrive on your doorstep. (My mail lady actually hand delivered one of my Stitch Fix packages just so she could ask me what it was.) Once you have your package in hand, try everything on in the comfort of your home (you have 3 days). After you've had time to try everything on and see how each piece will work you log on to Stitch Fix.com and buy what you like and return the rest. You’re only charged for the items you keep when you let them know what you’re keeping and returning at Check Out. **DON'T FORGET*** The $20 styling fee will be applied toward any items you purchase. Also, ALL Stitch Fix clients enjoy free shipping both ways!

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