Apr 13, 2012

A Table for the Wanderers - Baltimore, MD. - April 2012

Many of you know that because of my husband’s career, we’re over 1100 miles from almost all of our closest family and friends, so it’s worth mentioning that our little wandering family and the time we spend together is the center of our world. We spend a lot of that "together time" at our dining room table.  It's figuratively and literally the center of our home. You can see almost every inch of Its 1300 square feet from that table; a 70s model, clad in pealing, wood grain Formica...
with metal piped legs...
and brown, cracked vinyl chairs.
It's the centerpiece of that room.  We eat, play games, celebrate special occasions, and make some of our biggest life decisions around it.
 It’s not the prettiest, but we love it for the role it plays in our home.

As we've been window shopping on Su Casa's website for THE NEW TABLE for this wandering family, it's funny that I find myself comparing our "new table" to our old one (in a good way).

It's small and intimate (even with the leaf in), which I LOVE, but this makes it difficult to have more than one other couple over for dinner at a time, so we definitely want something that can seat at least 6 adults comfortably. but will also be able to grow with us.  These are some of the tables we've got our eye on. 
(click the name and it will link you to an image)

This may sound funny but those old beat up chairs are so comfortable ans easy to clean. Because of this, we're both leaning in the direction of a leather upholstered chair, but we also can't resist being drawn to a classic sturdy wooden chair.  Here are some of the chairs we're thinking about.
(click the name and it will link you to an image)

but can't find them on their site.

What do you think? Any favorites in the crowd? Let me know if there are any contenders we missed.

Til next time,
Bon Voyage!


Cile Brooks said...

I don't think I would be much help on this but I like the round one. I like some curves in my tables. In nearly 34 years of marriage I have never bought a dining room table. I now have my grandmother's oblong table with rounded corners. It sits on double pedestals. Have you considered estate sales? Might be fun to see what's out there?

pukapoopz said...

OooOh!! I love the stitching on the Texas Chair! And the deep rich color of the leather is so inviting. But will it be too dark if it's paired with one of the darker espresso tables? Like the Dover and the Hido, my two favorites. Leg rooms kind of sucks for the two end diners on the Hido, but what elegance! And I love the color and the "distressed top" texture of the Dover. Gives it character. I wish you could put the Texas stitching on the Valencia color leather.

As for the Stiles -- definitely a more casual invitation... but I don't know if I get the same feeling of desire to sink into the chair as I do with the first two leather backed dining chairs. As for arms -- can the chairs even slide under the table or will the arms stop them? As great as it would be to lean to one side or the other at the dining table, isn't that why we pick up our wine glasses and move the conversation to the living room after supper?

It all looks great! Soo jealous!

Lo said...

Ok, I'm in LOVE with the Boulder and Hido tables. With the Hido I ADORE the benches...I'm going to have to search for chairs with the Boulder, but the distressed smoky pine or oak (I can't remember) BEGS for a leather chair!

Lo said...

With my fav choice of the Boulder table, I now select the Texas chair!!!!! Woo to the Hoo!!!!

Lo said...

Ummm, I might also echo that, like Cile, I love our rounded table, but I checked Boulder indeed comes in a round table. Definitely more conversation when everyone can see each other :D

Lo said...

But if you're willing to consider non leather, the shape of the Houston Chair makes me drool :)
Ok I will now go back to browsing, lol!

Lo said...

O.M.Gosh!!! Boulder comes in a trestle table!!!! I've died and gone to heaven!!!!

Scott and Whitney said...

I love them all! I think the Hido is my favorite though. I really love the solid wood and the bench seating.

Anonymous said...

I like the Hido with the bench!

Susan said...

I do like the Dover and those chairs with it look nice, but uncomfortable. My choice would be the Hido with the Texas chair - the perfect table for dining, games, decisions AND comfy chairs! The bench seating from the table would provide extra space for guests, if you needed it.