Nov 30, 2008

Crunch Time!!! - November 2008

Some of you may know that I'm an aspiring writer, and if you didn't know... well... I'm an aspiring writer.

So I registered about two months ago to submit a short story to the Columbia Journal Contest. All submissions are due tomorrow!!! OMG!!! TOMORROW is really close!!!

I've been writing since I was an outcast pre-teen who picked the shortest book on the reading list. That book was Ann Head's Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones and I LOVED IT!!! With that single book, I fell in love with, as Stephen King would call it, "the craft"... And now, almost 17 years later... even after publishing in my University literary magazine, sitting through excruciating writing circle critiques, and everything it took to get my Rhetoric and Writing degree, I'm literally shaking in my shoes... (actually socks) for someone other than my little sister to read my work. What if they hate it!?

So it's CRUNCH TIME!!! The problem is that I've written several things and I'm not sure what to submit. So I figured that I give you a few short bits and let you guys help me decide.

1.) Sunshine - Not so typical unmotivated boy meets girl story.

2.) The List - Girl moves to new city and begins selling all of her things on "The", an on line yard sale of sorts, in order to meet people.

3.) She Has My Name - A much darker story about two completely different women that have the same name.

What do you think?

Till Next time,
Bon Voyage!

Nov 25, 2008

It's Really Going to be a Blanket - November 2008

Note To Reader: I've been keeping this one a little bit under wraps, but am finally confident that it's going to actually turn into what I want, so I am no longer worried about showing others.

So a few, (maybe 5) months ago I went to a crafting brunch at one of my BFF's house and was taught (please notice I didn't say I learned) to crochet. I literally started with a single line that looked a lot like this...And for what felt like months, probably because it was, this thing never grew. It felt like when ever I actually made the time to sit down and work on it, I ended up pulling out what I'd done because it looked like a GIGANTIC mess.

But after a few telephone tutorial s and an onsite demonstration on how to properly negotiate and stack the Double crochet, I actually think I got it. I mean for lack of a better word, I was zooming!!! See the picture below of my progress after only a few months. (STOP Laughing! Yes, I really did say months as a positive!) What do you think of my helper? =)
Everyone I showed it to told me that I was on the right track. Every one that is, except this really mean lady on a flight from Baton Rouge, LA that told me my technique was just okay for a beginner and my stitches were way too loose. She honestly said “well it’s good for a beginner, but let’s just say I wouldn’t give that one away.” Necessary… I think NOT!!!

Anyhow, I started crocheting everywhere; while watching TV, sometimes on my lunch break, and my number one favorite place… while waiting in airports and on airplanes!

My one problem is that my blanket is mysteriously growing in width… it’s actually supposed to grow in length… hmmmmm… not sure why my blanket doesn’t seam to know these rules, but from what I’ve been told a baby will never notice.
Anyway, so here’s my progress as of tonight. I’ll be starting on the 3rd skein before I go to bed. Yahoo!!! They Hubby keeps saying that it’s a really big blanket for a baby, but I think that by the time I’m done with it, it’ll be just right.

Till Next time,
Bon Voyage!

Nov 24, 2008

The Things Kids Say – Raleigh, NC - November 2008

Note to Reader: Another installment of fantastic material gathering. You again have the Hub to thank for this little golden nugget. I’m just the story teller.

So there he was, on the shuttle from the airport, quietly minding his own business. He is very much a people watcher, as am I, so I am imagining that he is happily taking in the people on board the bus, business travelers, families, couples, and generally folks from all walks of life, when from the back of the bus he hears the voice of a teenage boy.

Boy: “Dad do you have a dollar?”

The Hub didn’t think too much about it because kids ask their parents for money all the time. The conversation continues…

Dad: “What do you need a dollar for??"
Boy: “To tip the driver for carrying our bags.”

The Hub was surprised, and thought to himself, these parents are doing a good job, but as always, the conversation continues…

Dad: “No!”
Boy: “Why not?”
Dad: “Because this is a FREE service. It’s his job to carry our crap!”
Boy: (said loud enough for the whole bus to hear) “Why are you such an A&% HOLE? You haven’t tipped anyone the whole time we’ve been gone!”

I can only imagine that there was a swift pop to the back of this kids head for what he said, but I’ll never know because I wasn’t there.

But, in all seriousness, this kid had a point. When someone carries your bag, ESPECIALLY when they look like they are eighty-five years old and just might crumble under the weight of your souvenirs, shopping, and eight extra pairs of shoes (because you couldn’t bare to leave any behind… just in case!) Don’t forget to tip, because he DOESN’T have to carry your CRAP!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

Nov 18, 2008

Paul Bunyan's WHAT!!!??? - November 2008

The Hub and I were watching a little Saturday afternoon football and happened upon this!!! Made us both giggle a little so I thought I'd share. Can you say that on TV???

Post a comment and tell me... what do YOU think he said?

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

Nov 16, 2008

My Sabbe Chic Original - November 2008

Note to Reader: Okay I have been trying to post this for a week, but due to computer problems, I have been hindered to say the least!

So, about a week ago I went to meet a friend for free Starbucks coffee and was surprised with my very own Sabbe Chic Original bag!!! Totally made my day… Week… Month!!! But I must say, when you aquire a Sabbe Chic Original hand bag, really your trouble has just begun. The decision of what to put in this Sabbe Chic Original bag is HUGE. You are so proud of it that you want people to see it, but you also don’t want to look like you are bragging… (when you actually are! =)…) So here’s my story!

First of all, upon receiving the OH SO BEAUTIFUL bag. I promptly returned to my office and SPEED DIALED my Hub. The conversation went a little something like this…

Wandering Lili: “HUB GUESS WHAT!!! GUESS WHAT!!!”
Hub: - (phone three feet from his ear) “What?”
Wandering Lili: “I just met Mrs. Sabbe Chic for coffee at Starbucks and…”
Hub: “Did you pay $8 for a cup of Carmel Apple Cider!?”
Wandering Lili: “No it was Iced Tea and it was free because I voted… Anyway… I just met Mrs. Sabbe Chic for coffee at Starbucks and I am now the PROUD owner of a Sabbe Chic Original!!!”
***Pause for effect***
Hub: “What is that?”
Wandering Lili: “It’s a bag… A VERY pretty bag, with striped fabric in the inside and rick rack!”
Hub: “What’s that?”
Wandering Lili: “hmmm… “Well it’s kind of hard to describe it’s like… fabric on top of the regular fabric that looks like a lot of M’s all strung together.”
Hub: “Like zig zags?”
Wandering Lili: “Yes like Zig zags… sort of…” (I say while examining the BEAUTIFUL rick rack on the sides of the bag… tracing each zig and zag.) Oops… did I type that out loud…
Hub: “Well that’s good. What are we having for dinner?”

That afternoon, I showed ALL my co-workers who promptly asked where they could purchase a Sabbe Chic bag. And me replying … “Well I’m not sure, I’m personal friends with the
designer…” (I have ALWAYS wanted to say that!!!)

Then at the end of the day I collected my things and went home to try to decide what to put inside my new bag!!!

As I said, this was NOT an easy decision, but as always, with most
big decisions, I had help! Let me introduce you to my assistants.

Mal - Expert on all things pertaining to bags.

Kitty Sticks - Pretty much the boss of everything (especially the Bag expert).

Together, while the Hub cooked dinner (Curry Rice with veggies
and shrimp) the three of us got busy figuring this one out.

I thought first about using the bag for my bible study things: books journals, pens, and McDonald's happy meal toys., but upon picking up my current bible study bag I quickly realized that the stuff inside would be too heavy for the Sabbe Chic bag.

The Second thought was as a every day purse
, but this idea was quickly nixed because my Sabbe Chic bag is a pretty big bag and would afford WAY too much room to haul things around. As far as purses are concerned, if I carry one at all, I really like to keep it simple wallet keys chap stick and cell phone... you get the picture.

Sitting on the side of my bed completely perplexed about what to do, in jumped my assistants... LITERALLY.

Mal: "WoW Mom this is Awesome! A Sabbe Chic Original Cat
Carrier. It has a pocket and it comes with... Ooooh... Magical
Powers!!!" (Check out those eyes!!!)

Well not to be out done, Kitty Sticks had to try

Kitty Sticks: "Mommy, if he gets a Sabbe Chic carrier, I want one too! This pocket would be perfect for treats
and theirs a ton of room in here for toys!"

Hmmm... good thought, but the practicality of this idea really isn't there.

Think, think , think...

And then it occurred to me... I knew exactly what I would put in this rockin' bag!!!

I dashed from
the room, to return about 30 seconds later with two XXX Mart bags (I know... shame on me, but they make for great pooper scooper bags, so I've always got a few around) containing my newest hobby, crocheting!!!

I layed all of my materials out on the bed, looked them over once, then twice to be sure, and started packing the bag.

Kitty Sticks: "Look mom, your hook things would go great in the treat pocket!"

Mal: "And all this yarn fits perfect
in here!"

So there it hangs, My Sabbe Chic Original bag, on the closet door, containing all of my Crocheting needs, ready for use at a moments notice. And really it's totally fitting that my crafty stuff goes in a bag made by such a crafty person! Thanks Mrs. Sabbe Chic!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

Nov 7, 2008

I'm Gonna Get To See the Bean!!! - November 2008

Over the last eight months I've been a lot of places, but there's one place... (thanks to one of my good friends Mrs. Sabbe Chic) I have become totally enamored with... The city of Chicago... The Places: Wicker Park, The Bean, the Face, the Corn Cobb, Wrigley Field

The Movies - Ferris Bueller's Day Off, High Fidelity, My Best Friend's Wedding, Never Been Kissed, Pretty in Pink, Save the last Dance, The Untouchables, and one of my favorites - Stranger Than Fiction...

Now I get to go there! I'M REALLY GOING!!! The first week of December I'll be there!!! Maybe we can find a way for My Hub to go too (It will be his birthday week)!!!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

Nov 4, 2008

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!! - November 2008

WOW!!! I honestly thought this day would never come. The day we get to pick our poison. We get to make our bed so we can then lay down in them. This is the day we get to strike a match and then watch it burn. This is the day that we get to stand in line with perfect strangers and make small talk so that we can avoid talking about the exact thing that we have gone there to do. VOTE!!! I mean really theirs no excuse. If you don't like who's on the ballot, just write in who you think would do the best job!

You know I'm not sure why it has become the standard to not talk about who we have voted for. We talk about so many other inappropriate things.....? I'm not shy or embarrassed about the people I voted for! So why is it proper to keep it to myself?

I found out about three months ago that some of my friends were voting for “the other guys” and from that point forward my mission in this whole monkey debacle was clear. I must bring to the table… or booth as the case may be in some counties… four brand new voters that way their votes would cancel out those four people. Let’s just say…


And a BIG YAHOO to those four brand new voters and really to whomever actually got out there and exercised their civic duty. I so wish that they gave out stickers or buttons at the voting centers. Like my friend Rebecca here, I would wear mine with PRIDE!!! My philosophy is that if you don’t vote at all, you don’t get to complain when things start sucking, and really isn’t that the best part…!


Till next time,
Bon Voyage!