Nov 30, 2010

The Feast - Baltimore, MD - November 2010

So here it is! Yum yum!!! Makes me hungry just thinking about it!
Yes, I broke out the good china, and as I do every time we eat on it, I talked about how much I love it and vowed to use it more often. Then, after everything had been hand washed and dried, I proceeded to pack it away. Maybe we'll see it again before Easter.

This year we have so much to be thankful for but as she slept quietly through dinner, the Hub and I agree, without a doubt, that this little lady is what we are most thankful for.
Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

Nov 25, 2010

Our Lobster Day Feast - Baltimore, MD - November 2010

It's Crazy that it's already the end of November and I'm really just getting used to typing 2010. Anyhow, Since we arrived in the "Northeast" (even though they think of themselves part of the south as they are JUST below the mason Dixon line... Whatever) We've started a tradition of having lobsters for major holidays. I know this sounds a bit odd, but really the fun of these massive eating holidays, as far as we're concerned, are the AMAZING side dishes. Neither of us really just swoons over turkey so why not have a main meat that we like. Plus this eliminates the need for freezer space for the 10+ lb bird, frees up the oven for sweet potato decadence, takes away the need for refrigerator space needed to store the uneaten gobbler and it eliminates the need to come up with 100 ways to use the MASSIVE amounts of turkey leftovers.

So this year, in addition to a pair of crustaceans, we're having,
Squash soup (The Hub's original creation)
Green Bean casserole (a cult classic)
Mashed cauliflower (comparable to the best mashed potatoes you've ever eaten)
Cranberry sauce from a can (Why mess with perfection)
Sweet Potatoes and Bananas (for the Monkey)
Pumpkin pie (need I say more)

I tried to sneak in Mashed potatoes, home made bread, holiday jello salad, a sweet potato pie and a few other dishes, but as he so often has to do, the Hub brought me back down to Earth by reminding me that we really were the only two "people food eaters" in the house.

So now that the parade is over and I've showered and the Monkey is down for a nap, into the kitchen we go.

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

Treditions - Baltimore, MD - November 2010

Note To Readers: Last night I dreamed a million times over that I was blogging. I miss blogging. I know I've probably lost almost all my readers because of my inconsistency over the last year, but if you're still out there, let me know. I miss your comments and I'm promising to blog more. It helps to know I've got people I'm writing too.

So today is Thanksgiving. One of my favorite holidays! And the Monkey's first. So it seams only fitting to start her out right.My sisters and I have Always watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. From the bands... to the Santa float...I LOVE every bit of it!EEither together or apart, we usually call each other at some point during the morning. I miss them terribly on days like this and hope that one day we'll live close enough to do it again with our little ones.


Til next time,
Bon Voyage!

Nov 1, 2010

Our Monkey is 5 Months - Baltimore, MD - October 2010

Note To Reader: I think it's important to let you in on a little secret. On her actual birthday this picture was taken. Isn't she just the cutest stinkin' thing you've ever seen!?!Anyway, in my post child birth sillyness I made the comment that it looked like she had "monkey toes" and we've been calling our sweet daughter Monkey ever since.
So just like the 3 month, there's not an official doctor's visit so these stats were taken on our bathroom scale. (Yes she's finally outgrown the food scale!) and my sewing measuring tape.

Monkey Brand New Monkey 1 Month Monkey 2 Months

Monkey 3 Months

Monkey 4 Months Monkey 5 months

Here's her new stats:
Weight: 12 lbs (3rd %)
Length: 23 inches (1st %)
Head Circumference: 40 (2nd %)

The Hub has taught her how to growl and stick her tongue out so the first few hours of our morning are spent with her tongue out as she makes a very serious "GRRRRRRR" sound. It's really funny now, but I'm sure one day in the not too far off future we'll have to fix that one.

Her new favorite toy is her door way jumper seat. She could spend hours in that thing and as a result her legs are getting SUPER strong. She's still doing a great job of supporting herself on her legs with minimal assistance and she'll sit for a few seconds all by herself.

We've started going to a play group with several of the girls from bible study once a week and I really think she gets a lot out of the interaction with other children and adults, as she’s developed a bit of stranger anxiety, so being around people is really helping with that.

She’s moving into the 3/6 month sized clothing so we’re always on the hunt for great deals on warmer clothing as winter is quickly approaching.

I'm realizing more and more each day how blessed we are for me to be able to stay home with our beautiful daughter. She is a joy to be around and each day her personality grows.

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!