Jul 23, 2008

STUCK!!! - Atlanta, GA. - July 2008

Another day brings me to another city, however this time it’s a little different. I’ve got company!!! And, it’s not a trip for my business, its Jeremy’s business.

Step 2 of the Medical Licensing Board Exams brings us to Atlanta, GA. We got a smoking good deal on air fare, so I was able to come along for moral support. YAHOO!!! We flew in on Tuesday afternoon and were scheduled to fly out this evening, but due to weather issues our flight has been cancelled.

We’re booked on the first flight out in the morning, but for now, we’re STUCK in ATL. Wish we’d known we were going to be here over night. We might have been able to do something cool like go to a baseball game.
Oh well, no worries, it’s really just nice to be here with my Jeremy. There’s no one on earth I’d rather be stuck with!

Jul 17, 2008

Happy Nanner’versary to US!!! - July 2008

Today is our 3rd Anniversary and I have to say I think I got the coolest gift for my Hubby on the planet… except for the coolest gift that he got for me.

The 3rd Anniversary is the leather anniversary, which poses a certain amount of risk. There is a FINE line of what we can give each other without being corny or having a gift that is SUPER expensive. I for one think we both did a GREAT job.

He got me a leather bound Writers Journal, which, for those of you that know me, is the PERFECT gift for me. (Photo Coming Soon!)

However, I had a little more of a difficult time picking something for him. After a great deal of online research, some of the contenders were:

  1. Wallet (generic)
  2. A desk Calendar (even more generic)
  3. Boots or Shoes (we don’t have that kind of money)
  4. A leather bound first edition of his favorite book (I don’t even know where to start with that one, and again we don’t have that kind of money?)
  5. A motorcycle hat (that would be one for my father-in-law, but not my husband)
  6. A Photo Album (seriously these people don’t know my husband)
  7. Belt with his last name on it (are you serious?)
  8. Chaps (Okay lets not go there!)

All joking aside, about 5 weeks ago I was seriously in a panic because I had no idea what to get him. I mean I know it is just a gift, but I really try hard to make gifts unique.

Well in the middle of the night, about 4 weeks ago, it occurred to me like an Atam Bomb. I knew EXACTLY what to get him. It was unique, not terribly expensive, he would LOVE it and most importantly it was made out of leather. Can you guess…?

Okay I will not keep you in agony. I got him a BASEBALL!!! This is not just any old baseball. This baseball has a map of Boston around Finway Park and in case you didn’t know it, my Hub is a MONSTER Red Sox Fan! Check it out!!! (See Pic to the left) He totally Loved it!!!

Next year is fruit or flowers... maybe I should start planning today!

Till Next Time,
Bon Voyage!

Jul 14, 2008

I've been SPAMMED! - July 2008

NOTE TO READER: I don’t have a blackberry or any other PDA, but I do dream of the day our contract with a certain cellular provider ends and I can get a new one that actually gets service within the four walls of our home.

Additional Note to Reader: We have become a people at are VERY dependant upon our PDA’s and I don’t mean “Public displays of Affection”. Even I have become attached to Texting and being able to check the score of the Red Sox / Yankees game from the car or a restaurant. I also LOVE the idea of having the capability to receive happy e-mails from my friends in the most remote of locations.

HOWEVER, it is important to remember that a PDA is not a replacement for the real thing, and FINAL judgments on a sender’s true identity should be held until the e-mail is viewed on a real FULL SIZED computer.

So here goes, this week we held a workshop in Memphis for a few of our regional managers. And as with most of our workshops, a few “BIGS” seam to make an appearance. So I am sitting at a conference table as everyone is being introduced and it comes to me. “Hi, I’m Lili and I am the Field Training and Development Specialist, which basically means I am the ‘On the Ground’ resource for any of your training needs.” A few more introductions, one of which being a certain “Mr. BIG” whom never returned my e-mails, and who I was almost positive didn’t remember me, as I had only met him once in Milwaukee. A couple more people say there hellos and then we’re off to the races.

Through out this segment of the workshop I wasn’t presenting, but only contributing as needed, so I was able to look around and observe some of the participants. Some engaged, some typing on their Crackberries, some day dreaming, and one, “Mr. Big”, burning holes in me, as he is staring at me so hard through his smart man “Mr. Big” glasses. If I had been an ant, well you know the rest of that story. This, of course, sends me into somewhat of an internal panic. What’s wrong..? Why is he staring at me…? What have I done…? By the end of the meeting I was so wound up, I wasn’t sure if I should crawl under the table or run from the room crying. Needless to say, the workshop concluded and I proceeded calmly back to my desk.

About 30 min later my boss appears at my desk with a funny grin on her face. You’ll never believe what ‘Mr. Big’ did.”

“What?” I say with mounting intrigue.

“Well… he SPAMed you!” she said in a fit of laughter.

My jaw dropped “WHAT!!!??? WHY???”

Still laughing she told me the story of how he had stopped her in the hall after the workshop and confided in her the details of the SPAMing. He’d explained that the blackberry screen was very small and often times it would shorten the first name and only give you the first initial of the last name. He went on to explain that for me, that name read “Lil V”. Again, my jaw dropped.

By now my entire team has gathered around my desk and they’ve made two assessments of the situation. One, “Lil V” should be my new rapper name. The second is far more scaring. If you didn’t know, there is a certain small, blue, diamond shaped pill that, on top of changing the lives of men around the globe, is also often referred to as “Lil V”.

Needless to say I have since been UN-SPAMMED and now it makes for a wildly funny story around the water cooler.

Till next time,
Bon Voyage

Jul 10, 2008

Thinking of a new doo... or don't!!!??? - Oklahoma City, OK - June 2008

Okay, I think I may be stuck in a bit of a hair doo rut! I saw a photo of myself teaching a class in Oklahoma City a few days ago and felt like it looked a little on the dull side. The trick to my hair though is that it is naturally curly... No really I am serious!!

Exhibit A: Me at 3 years old

Exhibit B: Me at 5 years old

Just to prove I didn't grow out of it... Exhibit C: Me at 13 years old

Exhibit D: In later years I was so traumatized by my hair I had to cover it with a swim cap. (Ha ha, just kidding! Those were from swim team when I was 15 years old, but really in all honesty I HATED my hair with a passion.

So... all of this to say that cutting my hair comes with some risk. Cut the right hair and I'll get to ROCK OUT a semi short doo for the rest of the summer... Cut it wrong and... well you saw me at 13, and by 15 I was in therapy and wearing a rubber cap!

My mom would swear that my red hair was a gift from God, in fact, she tells most people (this includes grocery store clerks, cashiers, bank tellers, mail men/women, Fed Ex people, co-workers,
church friends, even the new neighbors) that she "...prayed for a curly red headed little girl and..." well here I am.

So now it's decision time. What to do!!!??? What to do!!!???

Till Next Time,
Bon Voyage!