Mar 17, 2011

Swimming - Baltimore, MD - March 2011

The Monkey's swim classes are going great but much to my disappointment, I hadn't been able to capture it via camera to share it because aside from hiring a full time photographer to follow us, which believe me has crossed my mind because she's so stinking cute and does the cutest stinking stuff ALL THE TIME! I couldn't figure out how I could wield a camera and also participate in the class.

This week, our sweet friend Katie came to snap a few pics of El and I during the class. I knew she was a talented photographer, but I continue to be impressed with her madd picture taking skills.
Although they were all SO good, here are a few of my favorites...
Thanks Katie! Hope I get to return the favor someday!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Mano Rennt said...

You two look lovely!!! :) You are such an awesome mother, Lili :) hugs!

Sarah :) said...

LOVE the pics!!!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

these are so great! she is getting so so big!!