Mar 11, 2009

Blogaversary Contest Starts TODAY!!!! - March 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009, is my official 1 year blogaversary, so I thought it only prudent to celebrate the occasion with a contest.

I started blogging as a way to get back into the habit of writing, and learned very quickly that writing is like riding a bike, even though you never really forget how to do it, when you haven’t done it in a while, it’s a little awkward and scary. As many of you know I am very close to completing my first novel which has been under construction for about eight months. I really feel like a lot of my progress and hopefully one day success is really due to the encouragement of my readers, even the ones that don’t leave comments. =) This brings me to the contest!

I thought it only appropriate to let one of you be a part of the creative process. I’ve intentionally left one of my main characters without a name. The winner of this contest will not only get to name this character, he or she will be acknowledged in the forward of the book, and will receive one of the first printed copies.

Deadline: The contest will begin today Wednesday, March 11, 2009 and run for one week, ending Wednesday, March 18, 2009.
Entries: Leave your answers in the comments of this post oh and one entry per person.
Judges: There will be two impartial judges

Over the last year I’ve posted 73 times. I want to know, which of those 73 posts was your favorite and why?

The Tie Breaker
Aside from my closing, what do you think is the most repeated phrase on my blog?

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


babbling beth said...

Okay, so I am reading your blogaversary entry and thinking, well of course I love them all. But alas, I know I must pick one. Naturally, I pick Wednesday, December 3, 2008 "My New BFF" - Chicago, IL - December 2008. Why you say? Well besides the fact that it is witty and hilarious, it is fun to read and of course kept me on the edge of my seat. AND, well of course because I want to be your new BFF.

babbling beth said...

Forgot to give your most common phrase -- which is "Note to Readers"


sara waynick said...

AWESOME! Um, so is the character a man, woman, boy, girl, old, young...? This will influence my name-picking decision.

Ginger said...

Hey Lili,
Thank you for getting me connected to all the blogs! I was really missing out before. You are a great writer!!

Mano Rennt said...

ROYTERS- 11.March.2009
The world-famous Wandering Lili has officially opened the contest to name one of the characters of her much anticipated novel. Although details of the book have not been revealed, there are rumors that two major film studios are interested in producing a short-film based on "Remembery Tea" and a full-length feature on the new novel. The author, who lives by the shores of the Mississippi river in the Bluff City, has not confirmed or denied the rumor. "Fans believe that the Wandering Lili is giving them "signals" about the films and the new novel in each of her blog postings" said Mr. Rennt, leader of the "These Boots Were Made for WANDERING" club, a group of bloggers who often reference the Wandering Lili's blogs. A blog posted anonymously leaked "details" about the upcoming novel, in which the most interesting "fact" is about one of the characters, a heavy-set foreigner who's has to learn English to be able to start his own blog. Phone calls and emails to the author of the blog and to the Wandering Lili have not been returned.


Will Ragsdale said...

Happy blogoversary! I'll return with my votes shortly.

Meg said...

Congrats on 73 whole posts!!! I can't wait to have a blog-aversary :) My favorite has been "little miss" because you opened yourself up to the readers: expressing your fears...and in the end, coming to the realization that you CAN be a good mommy and you WILL. It was a good lesson. Everybody has fears. But having the courage to overcome them is crucial and you exemplified your courage through the story of "little miss." And, last but not least, your most used is definately "Till next time, Bon Voyage!"

sara waynick said...

Ok, apparently I didn't understand the contest assignment at first. Nevermind on my question about the character. :)

loui said...

My fav is definitely "Little Miss" for so many reasons but most of all because your writing style didn;t just speak to me in that post it got quite a few comments and you could feel your emotions and sincerity in that post. And of course a good writer always makes me feel like I am a part --and that post was so well written.
And 2nd most common phrase is --Note to Reader:

Mano Rennt said...

ESPNN - 13.March.2009
March madness continues and the competition to win the coveted "character-naming-rights" heats up! Today, the anniversary of the Wandering Lili's opening blog has taken the spot light from last night's six-overtime game. Flocks thousands of followers of the Southern Writing Power House, Ms. Wandering Lili, took cyberspace and ESPNN message boards to spread the good news. Their postings reminded us that she IS the current winner of the 2008-09 Football Picks Competition and most were signed with her now famous phrase: Note to reader.

The grand finale of this competition is closing in, and the brackets are still anyone's guess. Even our best sports commentators are all over the place in their predictions, to the point that this has taken all the attention from the college basketball championship week.

So, for now, 8760 hours after the kick off of the Wandering Lili's blog, we still have about 120 more hours of March Blogging Madness to go, and baby, expect over times!

Sarah :) said...

I've decided my favorite is Remembery Tea. I am also very sentimental about my childhood, and I know that warm bubbly feeling that consumes your insides. It's a nice familiar feeling that only happens occasionally; so when it does, you really have to savor it. Props to you for taking the time to remember and savor your memories. Even if they aren't always happy, those experiences are part of why we are who we are. May we always take the time to sit and remember so we can appreciate who we've become and learn from those who have come before us.

I also like the post about the green car. Every time I see that car, I laugh out loud!

I think Note to Reader is your common phrase.

Thomas said...

"Catalytic Converters… Who knew!!!???"
That's my fav. It makes me think that most people go their whole lives believing something that's not ture until one day, and usually in public, we are embarassed and don't yet know why.

sanctifyingsarah said...

I love your blog and tell all of my friends about it because it is so well written. You are one of the only print writers that can make me laugh out loud. I can't pinpoint one but all the blogs about Moose make me smile.

Suze said...

So I must pick "Seriously???!!!"--September 2008, and naturally the follow-up, "A Sight For Sore Eyes"--October 2008. These two blog posts collectively were probably the most hysterical posts I have ever read. Not only do they remind me of our ghetto home town...the way you write the story makes every sarcastic sentence even funnier. That "pea green giant tire machine" is priceless, and I think only you can put it in such funny words. Not to mention the follow up pic from one of your coworkers just flamed the funny fire! LOL

Can I turn the BFB into something like this vehicle???!!! Would you still claim me? AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Just imagine the BFB jacked up on some rims! Holy Moly...I wouldn't be safe driving it cause I'd be laughing so hard!

Your writing inspires me, makes me laugh, keeps me informed of your life while I live so far away, and makes me love you that much more. Thanks for getting me into blogging, cause I think that people who don't read your blog are missing out.

Your most commonly used phrase is "Note to Reader" and cracks me up when you use it for silly things that only you could put into words.

Love you!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I thought I already left a comment on here! I'm losing my mind. I change mine. I like the Remembery Tea like Sarah...and your tag line is "NOTE TO READERS" See you tommorrow!

Mano Rennt said...

ROYTERS - 18.March.2009
In true "last-minute" fashion, congress presented a bill and voted to approve it unanimously, setting an unprecedented record, 100 percent of the votes went for the program "Remembery Tea", an altruistic program inspired by The Wandering Lili, a world-known blogger from The Bluff City. The new bill includes measures to support family memories and bloggers who write about such things. The bill also uses the signature phrase from The Wandering Lili "note to reader", although some confused members of congress thought those were earmarks that would support pork barrel spending, but after a brief explanation of such phrase, and a good laugh, congress agreed to pass the bill unanimously.

There are some rummors that congress will invite The Wandering Lili to present the bill to the senate and to the president, who himself has said he's "a big fan of her blog and reads it regularly".

The Wandering Lili wasn't available for comments, in preparation for her interview with Jay Leno in "The Tonight Show", where it's believed that she'll unveil the winner of her month-long contest.


Mano Rennt said...

Favourite blog entry: Remembery Tea.

Why? Bc in it you share something very personal and cool about you growing up and how special it made you feel to get such a present on your last birthday :)

Most repeated phrase? Definitely "note to reader" :) such a nice way to give us some insight about what we, the readers, are about to read :)

Amanda Cox said...

Umm, yes, so I obviously missed the deadline for the contest....and this is why my job in the tax department was not my fave.
Anyway, I wanted to play anyway, but understand i"m not in the running:)
My favorite is a tie: 1) Hotty Toddy Vols in the Potty, and 2) Remembery Tea. The first because I'm an Ole Miss fan, and it was so cute reading that story. The second one because i love sentimental stuff, and love to hear what makes my friends happy.
For your most repeated word, I'll go with 'til next time'.
Note to read is a lot, too, but I didn't see it everytime.
Anyway, this was fun! Keep up the great blog!