Oct 28, 2008

No kids allowed!!! - Atlanta, GA - October 2008

Note to Reader: I have achieved total success in this “keeping your ear to the ground” for good blog material stuff. My hubby called me while he waited in the Atlanta Airport with this little nugget of FUN!!!

So there he was, chillin’ at his gate waiting on his flight home, when from across the way, the gate attendant from the adjacent terminal (which was bound for good old ORLANDO, FL!!!!) came over the loud speaker with an announcement that rocked their world…

…”Ladies and gentlemen, I want to welcome you to flight # 1234 with nonstop service to Orlando, FL. I wanted to make a quick announcement so that you can prepare accordingly.” …short pause for suspense… “Due to the nature of Orlando being a family oriented destination, we have elected to not board children on this flight.”

Well, according to my hub, it only took a moment for a look of shock to roll over the faces of all the little ones that had visions of gigantic characters, Space Mountain, and plastic ears that for one week’s time will be permanently attached to the tops of their precious little heads. Then just a moment before the children began to revolt, he said that you could see the parents faces as they first almost jumped for joy at the thought of having to send their small ones to grandma’s house while they went off and relived to their childhood, and then second, watched the terror of the situation at hand set in.

The buzz in the gate area grew from a mumble to a thunder. Then two angry soccer moms (or hockey moms) stormed the counter with their lawyer looking husbands in toe. In less than a minute, a frightened looking woman, voice shaking through her forced laughter, came back over the loud speaker and issued the following correction…

“Ladies and gentlemen, my sincere apologies for the previous announcement. What I meant to say was, we have elected to not PRE board children on this flight.” A massive cheer and a throng of laughter broke through the tension in the air and the woman behind the counter breathed a deep sigh of relief.

The Hub and I don’t think she could possibly have realized how close she was to a scene out of Lord of the Flies. According to the Hub the grown ups were totally out numbered and those little monsters could have totally taken over and with their video gaming experience could have flown the plane down there to meet “The Mouse” all on their own.

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Sarah :) said...

I was wondering how you could possibly say no children allowed ESPECIALLY to Orlando! That's so funny! Hope you have a good trip. :)

sara waynick said...

That is hilarious! I bet that lady felt like such a dork. HAHA!

Thomas said...

Only in our dreams would there ever exist a single commercial flight without the annoyances of children.