Nov 20, 2009

Most girls Dream... - Baltimore, MD - November 2009

Most girls spend their whole lives dreaming of owning something beautiful and soft, in their choice of white or some version of cream, designed by the one and only Vera Wang.
Last weekend that became a reality for me. I now have my very own Vera Wang; beautiful, soft, and in a unique version of cream.

The close up...

A little bit wider...

Now the full length shot...

Okay, one more close up...

Isn't it GREAT!!!

It's the most wonderful bed I've ever slept on!!!

We're still undecided about new bedding, except for the fact that we need it, it needs to be softer than what we currently have, and machine washable would be a major plus! I'll keep you posted.

Oh and you can just see the temperary fix for window treatments that my friend Blair thinks are good enough to be perminent. Black out curtains from Bed Bath & Beyond. Thanks for the tips on the 20% off and the double curtain rods. More on that later.

Note To Reader: As a total side note, in my search for Vera Wang dress pictures I found this!!!

A Vera Wang Sequined Hem Dress from the Lavender Label. And even though this blog hardly has anything about fashion on it , as I do not consider myself particularly fashionable, I couldn't resist. When I saw it all I could think was... "Ooooooooooh PRETTY!!!"

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Stephanie Sabbe said...

love this post, you are so clever.

I am going to send you bedding ideas since I was lame about the curtain deal. I never could get out to JoAnns. We still have the internet!

I will dedicate a post to your bed:) keep an eye out.

loui said...

Think about you all the time and greatly treasure that small piece of life we had a chance to share. Love the new bed--ahh! Come see me someday.

Sara W said...

who knew VW made mattresses?!

sanctifyingsarah said...

A great mattress, wonderful sheets and good pajamas are the best investment anyone can make! I also bought a great mattress for my guest room so guests always feel welcome.