Jan 25, 2010

Make Me BEAUTIFUL Today – Baltimore MD – January 2010

Back in Memphis I attended a Bible study with other medical and dental wives. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but if not, it's called Side By Side. Several years ago we were studying Max Lucado’s Come Thirsty, and discussing how we sometimes find ourselves putting more faith and trust in things other than the Lord. I can distinctly remember that this was the week that I’d gone to my oh so awesome “stylist” David and had my eyebrows waxed for the very first time.

Note To Reader: That is a word I NEVER thought I’d use in normal conversation, “Stylist” not “David”.

Anyway, if you’ve ever had this done, you know that it takes a pretty high level of trust to know deep down in your heart that he will not slip and leave you looking suprised even when you aren't, lopsided with one brow going up and the other down, or wax your entire eye brow off all together. The hard part is that you pretty much have to sit there and pray while he does his thing. Then, at the end you get to take a look at his work. In my case, I was awed, and of course pleased, by his ability to make one eyebrow match the other. In the two and a half years since, he’s never let me down.

I can remember while reading that weeks chapter I was able to draw a connection. Each and every day women and men sit down in that comfortable swiveling chair, have that soft cape draped around them, and say to their stylists “David, do with me what you will” or “David, make me BEAUTIFUL today” and then an hour later he spins you around to look in the mirror and you sit for a moment marveling at his work.

In making this comparison, I had to ask myself, how often do I sit down before the Lord and say “Lord, do with me what you will” or “Lord, make me beautiful today”. Why is it sometimes so hard to sit back and let Him do his work? To know that he will take care of our every need and even more so than David the stylist, He will NEVER let us down.

All of this to say that as we, in a new city, work to find those creature comforts like a new stylist, a group of friends, a healthy work life balance, a grocery, or a church that feels just right, I can’t forget to trust in the Lord’s path for us. I must keep going to him to say “Lord, do with me what you will” and “Lord, make me beautiful today”.

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


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Sara W said...

Lili, I love it- what a great post. We DO need to ask the Lord every day to make us beautiful. Once we are beautiful on the inside, we are naturally going to be beautiful on the outside. I have been struggling a little bit lately with missing friends and such, so this was such an encouragment to me. Thank you.

p.s. I also REALLY need to go get my hair cut and have a "David" make me look good. Haha!!

Sarah :) said...

Very nice post Lili. May we always go to the Lord and ask Him to make us beautiful today. Love you :)