Aug 10, 2010

Panhandling Cheerleaders - Baltimore, MD - August 2010

Note to Reader: Let me start by saying, on the record, “I Love Cheerleading and I love Cheerleaders. If you check my DVR box I have a series recording set up for Cheerleader Nation. I’M A BIG FAN!” With that having been said, here we go.

On Friday of last week I was headed out to enjoy my “Day Off” (such an occasion gets it’s very own post) I was headed down one of the busiest roads in our community. I pulled to a stop at the traffic lite and this is what I saw in my side view mirror.

Let’s take a closer look…

Yes, just in case you aren’t sure, that’s a teenage girl in a cheerleader outfit asking for money from cars and trucks stopped at the light at one of the busiest intersections in the area.

Now I’ve seen the fire department do something similar but they are grown men and women that risk their lives every day fighting fires and rescuing kittens from trees. A little traffic is par for the course, but what parent in their right mind would let their daughter do this? How would that permission slip read?

“I, Crack Smoking Parent of little Suzie Cheerleader, do hear by give my beautiful (NOT hit by a car) daughter permission to beg for money from strangers with a green bucket in the middle of the street> I understand that the cheerleading coach is not responsible if anything happens to Suzie Cheerleader because I, Crack Smoking Parent of little Suzie Cheerleader, am the idiot that is giving her permission to put her life in danger by signing my name to this STUPID permission slip.”


Additional Note to Reader: I do prefer Cheerleaders begging for money vs. homeless people, and YES, I gave her my ash tray change (I’d guess about $5) when she stopped all puppy dog eyes at my window!

I’ll close by saying this. I truly understand the need to fund raise for school trips and sports, and support my friend’s children at every chance that I get, but I hope that when El is old enough to do such things that I, and other parents have better since than to send our children out in traffic. The risks FAR outweigh the benefits.

Till next time,
Bon voyage!


Sarah :) said...

I always worry about them getting snatched too!! Love that you're blogging again. :)

sanctifyingsarah said...

This is outrageous and not allowed! No school or group who cares for children would sanction this. Having been a Girl Scout leader I can tell you there are specific rules to keep the girls safe when they are selling Girl Scout cookies. I hate to tell you this, but often the kids who are doing this are scamming. This happened a lot in Memphis. Look around, if you don't see any adult chaperones around then they are probably not legit.

Sara W said...

wow. unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

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