Aug 22, 2010

A Human Doll House - Montecito, CA. - Aug 2010

Note To Reader: This post is a total diversion from my “normal” silliness but I couldn't resist.

I need to start by giving credit where it is due. This blog is partially inspired by my friend Stephanie who has recently started her own interior design company, Sabbe Interior Design. Her website and blog are filled with some of the most innovative and unique design ideas I've ever seen. One day, if she'll agree, I want her to design the interior of our home.

When I saw this house it made me think of her and wonder what she’d think of it.

My other inspiration for this post is my love of doll houses. When my sisters and I were little we didn't have a lot of money, but we had a lot of hand me down Barbie dolls and although we dreamed of the Barbie Dream House, the reality was that we made Barbie houses and their furnishings out of everything we could find; our favorite being an old 5 shelf bookcase our dad made when he was in law school that became the 5 story Manhattan apartment of twins Lucky and Savage Santangelo, heiresses to some unknown fortune. We were 7 and 10 years old with incredible imaginations!

Anyway when I stumbled upon The Glass Pavilion it instantly took me back to those days. This house was designed by Las Angeles- based architect Steve Hermann, and according to the Wall Street Journal this "13,875-square-foot home features five bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms, a kitchen with a wine room and an art gallery that displays the architect’s vintage car collection." and is currently on the market for "$35 million, and the furnishings are negotiable. Suzanne Perkins of Sotheby's International Realty has the listing."

This house reminds me so much of a doll house, with walls and floors, but completely open.

Such an interesting and beautiful home, but can you imagine the amount of Invisible Glass you'd need to keep this place clean? And the poor birds... But I digress; regardless of the logistics I still think this house is really cool!

Photos by William MacCollum and Jim Bartsch,
Aug 18, 2010

Till next Time,
Bon Voyage!


Stephanie Sabbe said...

Lili! Two things

1. Your header picture melts my heart.

2. This house is so awesome! wow! Bryan is going to love this one. Good find.

One more
3. I would LOVE to help you design your house one day:)

Amanda said...

Crazy! I saw this on yahoo and couldn't believe it! Very cool and interesting. I MISS YOU!

Marriah said...

I'm thinking that I'll go with the negotiable furnishings when we buy this house! Adam and I are still looking for some furniture to fill up our empty entryway and beautiful dining room! I need to send you photos by the way.

Stephanie, you probably don't remember me, but I came to dinner at your house with Lili one evening...I'm glad she linked me to your blog, b/c its great inspiration for decorating our house in midtown, and all very doable ideas, i just need the right push -- Thanks!! Luckily, its been beautifully renoed, but everything is still beige and white, and I'm tired of that after five years in an apartment!