Apr 22, 2011

People Mover - Baltimore, MD - April 2011

The Hub has again brought me blog material and for that, and many other reasons, I continue to believe
we are the perfect match.

Ever been on one of these...?
A People mover. Easy to operate, simple to understand, endless fun for children weather or not they are used in the proper direction. (You know you've done it!)
Well upon retrieving The Monkey and I from the airport, The Hub said that as he was crossing the sky bridge from the parking garage to the terminal he watched a gentleman place his suitcases on the "people mover" then walk alongside them toward the opposite end of the conveyor belt. The Hub boarded the people mover and continued walking, (he likes to do this because it more than doubles his speed of movement) and eventually had to step around this man's bags.

He passed him at the end of the belt and the man smiled at him and informed him that he'd never been in an airport. It was his first time flying and he thought the conveyor belts were designed to move bags, but moving bags and people makes a lot more since. Too cute!
So the next time your in route to your gate, go all out! Get crazy and jump on the "people mover" bags and all!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

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