Sep 9, 2011

I Love This Bar - Baltimore, MD - September 2011

Since the arrival of the Monkey, I've been keeping my ear to the ground for good, time saving products that would make daily life and household chores a little easier.  About 6 months ago I discovered this...
The Bounce Dryer Bar, and I immediately fell  in love!  It's just about the best thing to happen to laundry since... Well, since Mr. Brooks Stevens developed the first electric clothes dryer with a glass window in the 1940s.  Round and round and round... SO FUN!!!

All you do is stick the holder in your dryer, slide in the dryer bar and wait 2-3 months (depending on your dryer usage) for it to look like this...

Yep, it really says "replace" when it's time to put a new one in.  Until then, you get wonderful smelling, static free laundry without doing a thing.  

No more messing with those dryer sheets. No more finding them in your pants leg while you're in the middle of an important meeting. No more having to covertly remove them from a sleeve or pant leg before someone says "hey, did you know you have a dryer sheet hanging out of your shirt sleeve/pants leg".  Okay maybe this has only happened to me.

Note to Cloth Diaper Users: You will want to remove the dryer Bar before drying inserts or liners in your dryer as it makes them repel liquid even better than than an umbrella and will require you to strip your diapers once, maybe twice.  Yep, I've done this... MORE THAN ONCE!

And not even the Monkey can resist yummy smelling, static free laundry!  In the great words of country music singer Toby Keith "I love this Bar"!

Til next time,
Bon Voyage!

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Anonymous said...

That's AWESOME! Might have to try it!