May 31, 2012

More Table Talk: Out with the Old, In with the New - Baltimore, MD. May 2012

Tuesday dawned with excitement. We were not only celebrating our sweet girl's 2nd birthday, we were also excited about the scheduled delivery of our dining table and chairs from Su Casa.

If you're just tuning in, we are knee deep in a contest to win furniture from Su Casa - Baltimore. Here's the run down:

As the 3 o'clock hour neared we decided to do a little prep work before the delivery people were scheduled to get there.namely the removal and stashing of our old table. Even though Su Casa has a complimentary furniture removal program where in which "Su Casa has partnered with a local charity to donate used furniture in good condition", the Hub wanted a contingency plan in place just in case we didn't like the furniture or something went wrong with the delivery. Plus we take any chance possible to use power tools!!! WOO HOO!!!
Out with the leaf and off with your legs old lady!
I don't know if you can see it in this picture, but our drill lights up when you squeeze the trigger! SO FUN!!! 
AND we discovered all this writing on the under side of the table.
I'm guessing it's a code and map that will lead us to our new dining room table... He he! Do you have a better idea?! 
(The real question that needs answered is where on earth are we going to store this table? Don't forget, our apartment is only 1300 square feet.)

The floor got a good vacuuming, and right at 3:10 the Su Casa delivery guys knocked on our door. Right away they set to work. One by one our chairs maid their way up the 39 steps to our dining room.
(They look like their waiting in line outside the principles office.)

Next came the table legs and top. Then fast as lightning the table got it's legs!
I have to stop for a moment to say how fantastic these delivery guys were. They were punctual, SUPER nice, very professional, and had no problem entertaining my game of 20 questions. 

1.) Y'all been busy today? - Not too bad.
2.) Are we your last delivery? - No ma'am 3 more deliveries left for today.
3.) Do you guys work for Su Casa or are you just contracted to deliver for them? - We work for Su Casa only.
4.) Is it heavy? Not too bad. (Come to find out Su Casa hires super heros as delivery guys because this table is SOLID WOOD and HEAVY as H - E - Double Hockey Sticks!!!
5.) How do you put the leaf in? - Oh it's really easy you unlock the locks slide the table apart, pop the leaf in, and relock the locks, like this.
6.) Do you want some water? - That'd be nice, thank you ma'am 
7.) Can I take your picture while you put the table together? - Sure, this is my good side.
All joking aside, the true mark of their professionalism came about 5 minutes after they arrived. They discovered , while unpacking the final chair, that it had been damaged durring shipping. They brought this poor injured baby up all 39 steps to show me the damage and advise what the next steps were.
(A claim was filed against the shipper. Su Casa contacted me within 5 minutes of them leaving. A new chair was ordered immediately. Su Casa contacted me the next morning to confirm the order was received by the manufacturer. We expect the new chair in 4 - 8 weeks i.e. FOREVER!)

In the mean time, here it is! What do you think?
(The birthday girl playing "ring around the table)

NOTE TO READER: Tune in Monday for your first chance to win a "baby" piece of Su Casa. (Just a quick HINT: Every comment you make on these Su Casa blog posts "counts" and could help you be the WINNER!)

Till Next time,
Bon Voyage!


Nikki said...

I am so very excited for you guys!! Your dining room looks great!!

Kyle Jon and Katie Sue said...

Looks great in person and in photos! Love, love, love the chairs and the unique details of the table . . . like the rounded/blunted corners. So fun! I am really excited for you all and hope you win!

Kyle Jon and Katie Sue said...

The new table and chairs look great in person and in photos! Love the color of the chairs and the unique details of the table . . . like the rounded/blunted corners. So excited for you all and hope you win!

Tong said...

I LOVE the table!!! It looks great and how amazing that your carpet matches it perfectly.

Amy Ogles said...

I Love it! You guys picked good. Glad it all turned out well, with the exception of one chair. It all looks wonderful!

Annie said...

Lili- I love the table. I was so glad to see it in person last last week!

Annie said...

Lili- I love the table. I was so glad to see it in person last last week!

Annie said...

Lili I love the new table! It looks really great in your space. I was so glad to get to see it last week!

Anonymous said...

Looks great ... Classic choice that you will probably enjoy for many years to come :) Katherine S