Jul 9, 2012

Not The Winner - Baltimore, MD. - May 20212

Well the votes are in and I am not the winner.  The Iskow Family are the winners by a land slide.  I honestly think that once they started making commercials and Public Service Announcements about their sofa no one really had a chance.  And as much as I want to not like them and say their blog sucked... The truth is it was really good, very creative, and they had an amazing amount of support from their family and friends.  I'm happy for them, but it doesn't make losing any easier.

Thanks again to everyone that read, commented, and supported my blog over the last few months.

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Sarah Tenpenny said...

You did a GREAT job Lili :)

Thelma Dixon said...

I loved your post Lili....you should have won!!!! You did an amazing job!!!!

Jamie said...

I'm so with you (as a fellow not-winner) :o) And you had a great idea to do the giveaway!