Mar 14, 2008

Road Reads - March 2008

I must start by saying I LOVE LOVE LOVE TO READ!!! I am never caught without a book in my bag or an audio book loaded on my iPod. One of the draws to accepting my job is that I would have all that travel time to be able to do more reading! YEAH!

Note to Reader: If you haven’t tried audio books you should at least listen to one. You don’t have to make a cold turkey switch to only listening to books, but it really is a thrilling experience when you can listen to that book you have been trying to read for months but haven’t been able to find the time. On top of that it allows you to multi task. One time, when my husband was on overnight call while he was in his pediatrics rotation, I listened to an entire novel while I cleaned our entire house (this includes dusting, cleaning the windows and mirrors, toilets tubs, counter tops, floors I even cleaned behind the appliances and polished the wood furniture!) and did a week’s worth of laundry.

Additional Note to Reader: If you are friends with me long enough you will be converted to an audio book fan I have already change ten people from maybe one paperback a year to avid audio book listeners. So don’t resist!

So what do I read? Well, I mostly like silly stuff like Sophie Kinsella ( She is the author of the Shopaholic series and one of my all time favorites, The Undomestic Goddess. I have read this book about six times and I still crack up every time she burns the chick peas! I am also a fan of Jodi Picoult ( who's book My Sister’s Keeper has mooved me to tears every time I’ve read it (I think it’s four and a half times) She writes about stuff that people avoid talking about at parties due to the fact that people’s passion about these issues often bring them to blows (School Shootings. Contrivercial medical treatments, the death penalty, religion, and more. She also wrote Ninteen Minutes and Change of Hart, her newest novel that is debuting on the New York Times list at Number ONE! I am also a BIG fan of Jennifer Weiner ( My favorite novel of hers is Little Earthquakes. My brother gave it to me in Audio book about three years ago for Christmas and I have listened to it about 5 times. I loved Goodnight Nobody. However my favorite is her collection of short stories The Guy Not Taken. They are really great stories about a girls coming of age. The movie In Her Shoes was based on one of those short stories. I just LOVE her writing!

My most recent triumpth is Stephen King’s Duma Key ( great reead and one that will keep me turning back to Mr. King when ever I need a bone Chilling suspencefull thriller. I also read Cell, (the cell phone crazies!) but one of my favorite Steven King novels is Bag of Bones. I listened to it as an Audio book and Stephen king actually read it himself. (I owe a shout out to my good frend Andy who turned me on to Stephen King with this book.) There is nothing better than listening to an author read his own work because you know as the listener, that you are hearing it exactly as he intended it. It has one of the Best Steven King endings I’ve ever encountered.

So what’s next, hummm. You tell me. I’m always hunting for a new author so suggestions are welcome. The only rule is that it has to make me feel something, otherwise it’s a waste of time. Happy Reading!!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Anonymous said...

hello terresa
long time no hear this is your
uncle Kenny in florida hope you are doing well and congrats on your rising carrer
you can contact me at
hugs and loves

sanctifyingsarah said...

Lili I love you. You are so interesting and funny. The best thing is you don't know how funny you are. You are truly one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I have added your blog to my page. You have inspired me to blog myself.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you loved Sophie Kinsella -- did you know she has a new book out? I've also read all of the Shopaholic series - mostly by picking them up and reading them straight through. Her new book is not Shopaholic, but I'm sure it's just as good.


Suzanna said...

I want more stories!!! What happened to you???

Andy said...

Thanks for the props Lili! King is amazing in his ability to both tell a story and build characters. Some people think he gets into too much minutia but to me it's those details which make for a good story.

BTW, glad you are enjoying your new job!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I'm a Jodi Picoult fan myself. I've read My Sisters Keeper and The Pact. I read them to make myself cry.