Mar 13, 2008

Girl vs. Steak - Dallas, TX - February 2008

Once upon a time there was a little bitty girl that let her eyes get as big as the state she was in... and the steak won.

Note to reader: As small as I am, it has been said that as far as eating is concerned, I can hold my own with the big boys.

If you are ever in Dallas, TX you must must must go to Salt Grass Steak House. I love red meat and this was one of the best places I've ever been. From the killer salad all the way to the chocolate cheese cake that really should not be legal, this place gets top marks.

I am now an advocate of restaurants of this caliber having some sort of action plan for those that eat all of what they are given. A new pair of pants with an elastic waste band would have been great, but I could have settled for a new (larger) belt. In addition to that, a wheel chair to get my self back to my rental car, a bottle of Tums, and a shoe horn to wedge myself into the above mentioned car. I honestly ate until there was nothing left to eat.

Looking back, I can only ask myself "why didn’t you just stop eating?" and the answer I give myself is, that would have been more of a crime. I don’t know how healthy this sort of eating is, but it definitely could be considered an exercise in thriftiness. That dinner was on a Wednesday and I don’t think I ate my next real meal until Fridays lunch!

Until next time,
Bon voyage


Sam Hughey said...

Reminds me of the father who asked his son who was always eating why he was always eating. The son said, because I know it is going to taste good. Let's be real, would you eat food you know is not going to taste good?

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I have been wanting to respond to this first blogg of yours! I can attest that you are truly a little tiny person pint size package, so for you to eat and eat and eat all this glorious--good--miserable making food does not surprise me! Want to know why, I'll tell you! when you were little and you loved a food you would eat and eat and of course eat some more; HOWEVER, if you did not like the food you let me and your whole family know that you didn't like it! (verbally and physically) remember the restaurant and you politely or it should be said, impolitely decorated their, let's see, walls, cealing, tables oh and let's not forget everyone around you!! HUMM! What didn't you decorate with the food you detested and really might as well forget you eating it. Put it this way, you made your point! Let's see how old were you?!! You're to cute and stay that way! I feel sorry for any cow or chicken especially those chicken fingers that you come close to when you're really hungry! Shall I write more? HUMM! Nah! That's probably plenty! Boy I'm probably in trouble!! I just like teasing you! I guess you do have the right not to publish this one if you don't want to. Love you Bunches, No matter how many cow's or chicken fingers oh or bowls of chicken nudle soup you eat! By the way, do chickens really have fingers? Love you more Mama

Vangie said...

Good post.