Jun 11, 2008

Peanuts!!!??? - New Orleans, LA - June 2008

Okay, to whom it may concern, in the last couple of years airplane food has literally gone down the toilet! However, on Tuesday, I was pleasantly surprised to have the beverage service cart come to a stop beside my seat and upon requesting a Ginger Ail I was handed a bright red package of Fishers Dry Roast Peanuts along with my sparkly drink. I can really say that my heart leapt. I’d been up since 3:30 that morning and was running off tick Tacks and water.

Note to Reader: Just in case you don’t know this, if you have the 6 am flight out of Memphis to Atlanta you’d better think twice about getting anything to eat or drink at the airport that is served to you by anything but a cold hearted unforgiving vending machine that really doesn’t care that you don’t have correct change, and could care less that you absolutely hate Diet Fresca because regardless of how many times you punched Coke that was what was delivered.

As a Frequent Flyer / Sky Miles /World Perks member I’ve had the privilege of becoming a grumbling pessimist when it comes to the way that the airlines jack you around. It is a rare occurrence when I have the opportunity to, without chanting to myself “Think Happy Thoughts”, to entertain feelings of joy for the air travel industry.

Additional Note to Reader: Being truly honest, I did leap for joy when my best friend Stephanie’s brother, Jason was hired as a pilot for Northwest. YAHOO!!!)

But I digress, I really just wanted to take a quick moment to say, “Thanks for the nuts Delta! Keep up the good work as you merge with NWA.”

Till Next Time,
Bon Voyage!


Sarah :) said...

You used to get whole meals on the plane. All I really want is a whole can of coke, and I will be fine and dandy. Inflation stinks!

sanctifyingsarah said...

I drove my dad to autozone today to get a part to fix my ceiling fan. I told him all about you and he wanted me to tell you he has an Autozone Card and from now on he uses it in honor of you, Lili

Anonymous said...

Hi There again,
I've found the only time they attempt to feed you anything more than peanuts, cookies, pretzels, or something such as that is when you go overseas or when its cross country as in a nonstop fleight and what an infrequency that is. Of course you still have the L.A Red-eye to eather Atlanta or NY or Washington D.C. And those machines oh my goodness nightmare from, well, you know where!! One thing most airports do have though once they're open is a STARBUCKS (notice the All Caps) and some kind of hot pretzel place Annie's or something like that. One day I'd love to get a true Philadelphia or NY hot pretzel. Just a small desire, not a need! Till later Love to all of you Kitties and DR. J. Safety and God speed where ever you are. You're in my thoughts and prayers! Love You,Mama