Jun 30, 2008

To the left to the left... – Oklahoma City, OK – June 2008

To the left to the left…Everything in my hotel room needs to move a bit to the left.

Okay, I know this is a bad take on a rockin’ Beyonce song, but really EVERYTHING in my hotel room was honestly designed for the furniture to be moved about a foot to the left of where it currently is.

I was sitting at the desk and kept getting an error when attempting to log onto the internet. I called to the front desk and she said that they’d had some connectivity issues earlier in the day, but she would restart the server if I thought that would help. Well I didn’t want to put her out at all but I really feel lost if when on the road I am not able to connect. So I told her I would restart and let her know if that didn’t work.

Just as I was about to disconnect I hear her say “Ma’am, did you try moving to another area in the room?” At that point I was willing to try anything so while on the desk phone (which by the way is corded) and moved about a foot to the left and plopped down onto the bed, and simultaneously yanked the phone off the desk, knocked my cell phone, iPod, a clock and almost the desk lamp off the desk with a crash, (because that was where my laptop was plugged into). With the lady at the front desk laughing her head off, I clicked the IE icon on my desktop, VOILA!!! The Holiday Inn Browser bloomed into life! I squealed with delight and the front desk attendant laughed even harder. “Sounds like that worked,” she said with a final laugh and we hung up.

So here I am in my hotel room with the phone cord stretched to its potential, sitting on the very edge of the bed, with nowhere near a clear view of the television. But I don’t care I have the INTERNET!!! YAHOO!!!

Till Next Time,
Bon Voyage!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I hope all your meetings went well today and all your visits. Have a great day tomorrow! Oh what a tangled web of wires we weave when we practice to achieve the big connection! Pardon the punn! Glad it all worked out and you were able to get your online work done. Stay connected! Love you, Mama Have a safe trip home!

sanctifyingsarah said...

My husband says I am always about a foot to the left. He is about a foot to the right. That is what keeps us balanced!

Sarah :) said...

You're silly! Thanks for the postcard! I LOVE IT!!!