Jun 17, 2008

Upon My Return – Just back from San Diego, CA. – June 2008

It’s taken a bit, but I’ve discovered that whenever I return from a trip for work there is a sort of routine that ensues. It begins the moment I come through the door. First, if my Hubby is home, from around the corner of the door to his office, I hear him shout, “T-ROD YOUR HOME!!!”

Note to Reader: Don’t laugh, but as a family, my Hub, myself and our two cats Kitty Sticks and Malchek we have the most nick names for each other then anyone I know. We try to embrace creativity and really we pretty much answer to anything even “Hey You!” Just wait till we have kids.

Second comes the pitter patter of little feat, the four legged ultra curious type. Now, depending on how long I’ve been away the following events unfold...

Three days or less: they freeze at the sight of me then begin sniffing the air and quickly move to my travel bags, all the while meowing up a storm telling me all about how they have missed me like crazy and don’t ever go away for that long again.

Longer than three days (even if it’s only by a couple of hrs.): it’s a completely different story. After their race to the door and the same freeze mid stride, as soon as they realize it’s me, I can tell that a pact between the two of them has been made to ignore me for as long as it takes for me to never leave for that long again.

Kitty Sticks is stead fast and will actually sit backwards in the living room recliner so as not to have to look at me. She’ll walk all the way around the perimeter of the room that I’m in to keep from having to walk past me. I try bribery with treats and she doesn’t budge. She’ll go sit on the couch and snuggle with my Hub while shooting me dirty looks. The only way I can get back into her good graces is to let her sit on the edge of the bath tub and give her her own special water bowl that’s full of “magic” water (water from any bathroom faucet… don’t ask…).

Malchek on the other hand can be bought. He us such a cuddle bug that all I have to do is scoop him into my arms and rub on his head between his ears for just a little longer than normal and he has completely melted. I honestly think his favorite pass time is exploring the bags and suit cases that I bring home. He’s a complete hoot. He really likes to get inside of everything to hide then when you least expect it he’ jumps from said hiding place (in this case a shopping bag or our bedroom comforter) and attacks your ankles.

This trip in particular was the longest thus far just over five days and the kitties were in rare form. Malchek was into EVERYTHING and as you can see Kitty Sticks couldn't even be bothered to wake up. I walked in the door, she cracked her eyes, saw it was me, and then promptly returned to her nap.

The biggest suprise from returning from this trip is that my Hub had had three photos of our kitty cats printed and framed. they are the one's at the top of this post. I actually got a little misty at his thoughtfullness. YEAH!!! I am a lucky girl!

Till Next Time,
Bon Voyage!


Kristin said...

I want to know the story behind the T-Rod nickname. Cats are very interesting. Mine have been in rare form since the move. Yesterday, they finally started acting more like themselves.

I Response to the Everyda Mundane... said...

You have a wonderful husband!! How sweet of Jeremy...Hey so you're writing is magnificent...have I ever told you that?

ps. I tried calling your home yesterday and you haven't called me back. boo hiss on you!

pps. oh yea...I'm working on my latest blog. Probably won't be posted until thur. or fri. but very soon. I promise!

ppps. Have you read "The Shack" yet?

Love you!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

So sweet and crafty! My grandma liked your card the best. Have I told you that? I'm not joking, she calls people and plays it for them over the phone.

Sarah :) said...

Your cats are funny! I'm still so proud of Jeremy. I think I likes you :)

I Response to the Everyda Mundane... said...

new post...for me...check it out. where is a new post from you? say..new orleans?

hmmm...see you next weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi There,
Sounds like your kittys and your adorable husband (future Dr J) are just Purrr-fect, pardon the pun! Things are good here and seem to be the status quo. How's Jeremy doing and how about you. Are you traveling anywhere else any time soon? Your uncle Kenny is doing just about as much traveling as you right now. Denver, Colorado Springs, New Orleans and Albany NY. oh I just about forgot about L.A. You all are sure pulling the frequent flier miles. That's good. I never really heard how your visit to your most recent foreign country went, fun trip? Pop me an e-mail or call when you can so we can catch up. I'm starting my speaking schedule back again and have a few things in July and it picks up in August. I've been contemplating picking at the keyboard more frequently with writing. Hug DR. J for me and tell him I love him. Stay as sweet as you are and always look for ways to love the way He would want you to love.
Much Love Always,