Aug 25, 2008

Beijing 2008 - A look back at the sports I just don’t get… – August 2008

Note to Reader: I want to preface this blog by saying I LOVE sports!!! Even more so I LOVE the Olympics!!! I love the intensity and the passion I love the sap stories on the athletes that make me cry (the ones the Jeremy tries to fast forward through!). I love the Joy of winning and I love watching how gracefully the athletes accept a less than perfect performance. (This does not include the Cuban Taekwando fighter, Angel Matos, that kicked the Ref in the face because he got disqualified. It also doesn’t include the Swedish weightlifter that acted like a big baby because he got a bronze medal and not gold.)

As I watched the closing ceremonies with a bit of a tear in my eye, I mentally, (and with my completely to capacity 100 hr DVR box) took a look back at the last two weeks of competition. As a country we did an awesome job. It is noteworthy that just under 1/4th of our medals were earned by one, Michael Phelps, who the USA basketball team (“The Redeem Team” I think is what they called themselves) swears sleeps under water.

But looking back as the events as a whole, there were some that I began to question. I mean should some of these really be on the Olympic stage.

Additional Note to Reader: If you participate in any of the following sports… well… I’m sorry! Please remember that these are MY opinions. It doesn’t make them correct.

First and foremost, Olympic Synchronized Trampoline Jumping – Okay I love jumping on a Trampoline just as much as the next person, but really. I think the object is to stay in the box, (which hardly anyone does) and jump as high as you can and do as many flips and twists as you can together with your partner. I can totally live with the gymnastics with the gigantic ribbon and hula hoop and even that baton thing they throw up really really high, but jumping on a trampoline… I know its hard work because they are sweating like a pig when they’re done, but, it’s just not screaming OLYMPIC GAMES. Ya know.

Second on my list is Women’s Sabre Fencing. We did sweep the medals in this event. So I must say that the reason I don’t understand this one, is because it is really scary to me. For example, take the gold medal bout (that’s what they call a match) between Zagunis and Jacobson. They start with their sward things and one girl pretty much runs at the other and pokes her in her electrically charged super sensitive suit that has a GIGANTIC battery pack on it. Then when the girl that is doing the poking gets the point, she turns around, rips off her helmet, and screams at the top of her lungs, like she was the one that got poked. THAT'S SCARY!!!

Third is badminton. I think people look silly enough playing this when it’s not on the Olympics. Why put them on a national stage. To me it’s like walking up to someone and asking them if they want to be on the Olympic Beer Pong team. I mean really!!! Plus the US didn’t get any medals in badminton so I am all for taking it away all together.

OK I know this has already gone on too long, so I’ll open up the floor. Please tell me, what do you think are the best and worst Olympic summer games sports?

Till Next time,
Bon Voyage!


Marriah said...

well, I did hear this morning on the news that tug-of-war, underwater swimming (you thought I was going to say basket weaving, didn't you?) and horse long jump were just a couple of the old Olympic sports that have been taken out in years past. There were a few others that I can't remember now. Sadly, soon they'll have to add baseball and softball as I think this was the last year (at least for the time being) that they'll be included. However, they're supposed to be petitioning that act as well, so who knows?

In Response to the Everyda Mundane... said...

Well, my dear, I must say that I agree with you on all points except the trampoline. I kinda liked that one...BUT totally the badmitton and fencing gotta go! Can I say though that I really, really, really don't like the rhythmic gymnastics. It's like a complete let down from REAL gymnastics, so it's a double whammy smack in the face cause there's no more real gymnastics after the first week and then the cable info teases you by saying that there is, so you wait for an hour and a half to watch more fun stuff, but get disappointed to see some super-boney chick that hasn't eaten in twelve weeks throw a hulahoop in the air or play with a ribbon. I should be on the team if that's all it takes, well, minus the not eating thing. I like food way too much!

Anyway, don't go looking for a post from me yet. I haven't written one. Boo hiss on me, I know. I'm just super wornout. But I love ya, and I will get a longer break tomorrow to write til my little heart and yours are content!


Mano Rennt said...

It's interesting how the Olympic games have evolved. This time they added BMX but removed baseball... Who knows what will happen in London 2012? I just hope they don't add cricket :) silly game :) just kidding :)

- M

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog address. I got back through May. I think my dial up connection got stressed out and wouldn't go back any farther.
--Crafty-- Don't forget the nail box you and Sue made me for Father's Day. It's loaded to the gills with screws and nails. It cracked me up to watch the two of you trying to get the drill to work! I'm going to ad a short piece of rope to act as a handle. It's getting to heavy to just pick up and move with one hand.
The cute electrician helper is still asking if Sue plans to come back to TN any time soon. The bonus room now has a heat and air unit that works. The insolation is almost all in. I've started with the dry wall. I think I can be where I can stay there rather than the barn this winter - a much better plan

Anonymous said...
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Kevin said...

As an aspiring Olympic badmittonist, I am deeply offended by your comments, despite the fair warning.

Just kidding.

I personally enjoyed the soccer, gymnastics, and swimming but missed a lot of the other sports.

I did however, see the gold medal match in ping pong. That was pretty cool.

And, I'm just now getting to watch the opening ceremony, thanks to the internet.

Overall I'd say this years games were pretty entertaining as they were able to captivate a non-Olympic fan (myself) into a semi-casual watcher.

sara waynick said...

ok, you and I are on the same page. badminton is the most absurd olympic "sport" i've ever heard of... among others. when i think 'olympics' I think ATHLETE... track & field, biking, swimming, gymnastics (and not the ribbon-tiwrling kind)... I told Jen Lee that I'm going to train for the 2012 olympics in the underwater basket-weaving competition. I mean, seriously, people.

Kevin said...

Ok, assuming you have the right code. Here's what you do:

Sign into your blooger dashboard and click "layout".

Somewhere on this page you should see "add a gadget", click that.

Then find "HTML/JAVASCRIPT" and go there.

Give your counter a title, paste the code in the bottom box and voila! It should work. Let me know if it doesn't.


Kevin said...

Cool! Always happy to help my random internet buddy! lol

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I couldn't believe that golf is not included.