Aug 22, 2008

Gone Baby Gone! - Tallahassee, FL - August 2008

My sweet sweet baby sister started a new chapter in her life last week! She moved to a land far far away called Florida to go to nursing school. YAHOO!!! to her, but boo for me! She is now like four gazillion miles away and that's equal to like 7 or 8 states!!!

Note to Reader: This part may get a little mushy!

So it goes without saying that I'm sad that she is gone, but it must be said that I am SUPER proud of her! She is, I think, one of the bravest people I know.

FOR EXAMPLE: If you had told her 6 months ago "Suze - in 6 months you will be starting nursing school and just two short years after that you will be poking people and cleaning up poop and wiping slobber and cleaning up pee pee and all that jazz, I honestly think she would have thrown up on your shoes.

You see, my baby sister is STRONG in heart and mind, but was more than slightly weak of stomach! I love referring to her as a "DO GOODER" who is most happy when helping people and making them laugh. So the choice to become a nurse really was just a matter of time.

So even with this fear of blood and guts she took a job as a tech in Vampire heaven... i.e. THE BLOOD BANK!!! (What were you thinking!!!) Throughout her time there she convinced the people there to help her overcome her fears and get her on her way to the career that she'd set her heart and mind upon.

Now I don't know the exact details of the path to the destruction of the fear, but if I know my sister, there was a lot of crying, and shaking, and eye closing, and changing of the mind, and then changing it back, but finally, as I understand it, the people at that blood bank yanked that fear right out of her. She was doing blood draws left and right. Now I don't know about the guts and poop and other stuff, but DUDE!!! To overcome a fear of blood... just talking about it makes me light headed... WOW!!! I am SOOOO proud to say she is mine!

Now, aside from a rockin' job she's going to get at the end of these two LONG
years, the good part about her being gone is that she has started BLOGGING on a regular basis!!! YAHOO!!! SO here's where you come in. Every new blogger needs encouragement, sooooo...

THE CHARGE!!!! - Please please please READ HER BLOG!!! And leave comments. You know how good you feel when people comment on yours.

Her Blog is

Check it out!! And a BIG thank you in advance!!!

Till Next Time,
Bon Voyage!


Mano Rennt said...

I'm not surprised that you have such a bond with your sister :) and you're soooo supportive. That's very cool.

Good luck to your sister!

- Manuel

In Response to the Everyda Mundane... said...

I love you!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

Ha, ha, so sweet. I love that you are rounding up comments for your sisters blog! You are everyone's #1 comment leaver...what would we do without Wandering Lili.

Sarah :) said...

I'm so excited for your sister. Nursing is a great field to work in . I hope she loves it!