May 27, 2009

Regalia - May 2009

Note To Reader: Merriam-Webster Defines this as

1: royal rights or prerogatives

2 a: the emblems, symbols, or paraphernalia indicative of royalty b: decorations or insignia indicative of an office or membership or

3: special dress

Additional Note to Reader: Definition #3 is the one we’ll be using today, except it’s not really a “dress”, but rather a special “outfit” for a special occasion.

Today the Hub added this to his wardrobe. He refused to model it for the blogesphere before the big day, but alas, those pictures will come soon enough, like it or not.

So back to the outfit…

This fancy robe will be his attire for pretty much the biggest event in our lives since we got married 4 years ago. Now as I sit with my laptop amidst the box fort we're building in the dining room I'm not quite sure where the time has gone. As a warning the next several posts will be full of heart felt goodbyes to my family and friends, because it's really not healthy to keep all that inside, but I digress...

For now, I find humor in the fact that on Friday my Hub will be, according to Merriam-Webster, wearing a "special dress" on his special day!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Sarah :) said...

Love it! I especially like the kelly green tassel that does not match at all! I'm so proud of the boys. :)

Stephanie Sabbe said...


Mano Rennt said...

Harry Potter?

:) just kidding! I'm very happy for you. I know how proud you are of The Hub :)

Suze said...

it was fun to be a part of the hub's special dress festivities! love you