May 8, 2010

Eat That Andrew Zimmern - Baltimore, MD - May 2010

I think I’ve mentioned on several occasions that there is one person’s job that the Hub would absolutely love to spend a day in the life of… It's this man Andrew Zimmern.

He has a show on the Food Network called Bizarre Foods where he travels all over the world in search of the world’s most “Bizarre Foods”. After watching the show countless times it’s obvious that Zimmern takes pride in being able to stomach foods that most people can’t even stand to be in the room with. This brings me to the Durian Fruit; a fruit that has been banished from certain hotels and public transportation in Southeast Asia because of its odor. A fruit that to this day Zimmern has not been able to swallow. This video shows one of several of Zimmern’s attempts to beat this “King of Fruits”

Last Sunday, the Hub, on a mission to challenge his taste buds, acquired a single Durian fruit from the local H Mart. Now aside from being smart and funny and handsome, one of the Hub’s claims to fame is that he can “eat stuff that’d make a Billy goat sick”. Since finding the H Mart he’s been able to prove that by first stomaching blood sausage and now, the Durian fruit.

Note to Reader: I did make him take this spiky dude outside, because rumor has it that once cut, it emits an odor similar to rotting flesh. Yes, I know, I can only imagine what our neighbors would think once they got a nose full of this guy, but I was not having that in the house!

You do need a pretty sharp knife to cut through the tough exterior.

Once open I can honestly say that it didn't so much smell like rotting flesh, but more like a trash dumpster which comparatively isn't as bad.

Additional Note to Reader: the Hub swears that he couldn't smell what I smelled.

With out hesitation, the Hub dove right in.

After a bit of contemplation and a second and third bite...


Till Next time,
Bon Voyage!


Sweetlove said...

Yuck! How can the hub not smell it if it is like a trash can. What did it taste like? Hopefully nothing like it smelled

therebel said...

hahaha! thanks for the laugh! I was having an awful day, but suddenly this cheered me up. life's little moments can be appreceiated even more than the grand events.