May 25, 2010

A “Littlie” Change of Plans - Baltimore, MD - May 2010

Friday we had another 3 week ultrasound for growth progress and Baby Sticks has fallen from the 9th to the 3rd percentile on the growth chart, weighing approximately 4lbs 11oz. From what they’re saying Baby Sticks should be gaining about 1/2 lb per week, meaning that over the last three weeks he or she has gained less than 1lb. Since we’re at 37 and ½ weeks, and "the cake is baked" (full term), they feel like they can do more for the baby out than in. With that said, there’s been a little change in plans. We've scheduled to begin induction on Friday 5/28 at 6pm.

Here’s a couple of belly pics to tide you over till our wee one arrives

Me at 37 Weeks
Although this may not seam big to you, please know that it feels big, and for me, someone that didn't enter the triple didget club till I was 24 years old, it is big!

Baby Sticks at 37 weeks
Nose: Mine
Lips: The Hub
Oh and you can't see it in this pic, but Baby Sticks has HAIR!!!
Hope you all are well and thanks in advance for your prayers.

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


mlesnapshot said...

you do look bigger than we saw you last. :) You'll be in my prayers this weekend. Take care, Emily

Sarah :) said...

So CUTE!!! You're looking good! I can't wait to see real baby pictures on Saturday!!!!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

you look great!

loui said...

Praying so hard for your family!

Amy Ogles said...

Our computer has been broken so I'm just now checking in. I've been thinking a ton about you and was hoping you were doing well. I hope everything went well and you are holding a perfectly healthy beautiful baby right now. I look forward to seeing some pictures.