Nov 25, 2010

Our Lobster Day Feast - Baltimore, MD - November 2010

It's Crazy that it's already the end of November and I'm really just getting used to typing 2010. Anyhow, Since we arrived in the "Northeast" (even though they think of themselves part of the south as they are JUST below the mason Dixon line... Whatever) We've started a tradition of having lobsters for major holidays. I know this sounds a bit odd, but really the fun of these massive eating holidays, as far as we're concerned, are the AMAZING side dishes. Neither of us really just swoons over turkey so why not have a main meat that we like. Plus this eliminates the need for freezer space for the 10+ lb bird, frees up the oven for sweet potato decadence, takes away the need for refrigerator space needed to store the uneaten gobbler and it eliminates the need to come up with 100 ways to use the MASSIVE amounts of turkey leftovers.

So this year, in addition to a pair of crustaceans, we're having,
Squash soup (The Hub's original creation)
Green Bean casserole (a cult classic)
Mashed cauliflower (comparable to the best mashed potatoes you've ever eaten)
Cranberry sauce from a can (Why mess with perfection)
Sweet Potatoes and Bananas (for the Monkey)
Pumpkin pie (need I say more)

I tried to sneak in Mashed potatoes, home made bread, holiday jello salad, a sweet potato pie and a few other dishes, but as he so often has to do, the Hub brought me back down to Earth by reminding me that we really were the only two "people food eaters" in the house.

So now that the parade is over and I've showered and the Monkey is down for a nap, into the kitchen we go.

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

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Kyle Jon and Katie Sue said...

How did your feast turn out? The menu sounded amazing! I may have to try mashed culiflower. :) Talk to you soon.