Jun 6, 2011

I "HEART" This Blog - Baltimore, MD - June 2011

I started reading blogs long before I started writing my own and over the years I've found a few that are pretty awesome. So I thought I'd share one with you this morning. For the most part I read blogs written by people I know, but this one is one of the few exceptions. I actually don't remember how I found her blog, but needless to say, I did, and I LOVE it!

Without sounding creepy and weird, she is super cute, has great style and design ideas, and I think if I knew her in real life we might be friends... Maybe...

Anyway the other day she posted about her own handwriting font...
How fun is that!

And for you closet voyeurs, she has done an Our Home series where she takes you on a tour of all the rooms in her house that she's designed. LOVE IT!

Check out her blog if you get the chance.

Happy Monday

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

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emily said...

Thanks for the post! Not creepy at all ... I'm so glad you like what I do :)