Apr 4, 2010

Tummy Sleeper - Baltimore, MD - April 2010

Note to Reader: From the beginning I have ALWAYS been a tummy sleeper. My parents found it hysterical that they'd come in to find me in my crib tush in the air sleeping like a rock. Even now as an adult, full grown and on my way to having a little one of my own I can be found "tummy sleeping". Maybe not with my tush up in the air, but I'm sure not too far from it.

So in the last few days, I've discovered that I have now acquired a belly that is large enough to prevent the above mentioned tummy sleeping. So it goes without saying, but I'll say it just the same... I NEED HELP!!! I haven't slept in about three days! Cat naps , yes, and one heck of a couch nap after an early morning hospital stay that I will tell you about a little later, but I haven't seen good, night time, REM sleep in a little while. Even my rockin' Vera Wang mattress hasn't been able to offer much relief.

So to all of my friends that are pregnant, have been pregnant, or know of people that have been or are pregnant, I need help sleeping! How do you sleep when you have a squash strapped to your belly? (The Bump.com says that Baby Sticks is the size of a squash.) How do you, as a lifetime "Tummy Sleeper", get some rest the last 9 weeks of being pregnant?

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Sarah :) said...

I'm a tummy sleeper too and have found that sleeping as far over as I can is doing the trick. But good luck getting sleep these last 9 weeks. People tell me that's how God prepares you for no sleep when the baby comes. Love you girl!

Amy Ogles said...

I know your pain. Thankfully I did ok sleeping on side when I had to. I got a body pillow, just a cheap one from Target...not necessarily a pregnancy one. It helped a lot. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

It's difficult but I slept on my side with knee bent (pillow underneath). Also pillows placed in behind back. :) Katherine P S

Lo said...

build yourself a nest of pillows to prop you up above the belly height. Lie to your left side...it does get easier. Sheer exhaustion will allow you to sleep eventually. Love sister stix!

Sally said...

Tummy sleeper; How about one of those donut pillows? Sally

Amanda said...

Lili, I hope you've gotten some better sleep since this post! I'm a tummy sleeper, too, so I can imagine it's tough.