Aug 16, 2012

Currently - Baltimore, MD. - August 2012

(Welcome back.  As it often does the summer has taken us lots of places so I thought I'd share a little bit of what we are "currently" up to.)

Loving: the blessing of being able to stay home with our girls. AND my new dishes!!!

Reading: Just Finished...
Just started...
Waiting for: the Cloth Diapers to Dry
Excited about: special friends visiting in October.

Missing: my baby sister, currently serving in the U.S. Army deployed to Afghanistan. 
Trying to: get motivated to workout with THIS.
Working on: my book! After it disappeared over a year ago to a crashed hard drive I can finally think about it without getting sad. Hopefully this time it will be even better (and I'm printing as I go)!

Enjoying: Spending time with the Hub and the girls at the pool.

Using: e-Meals (more to come on this)

Wearing: lots of Gap Jeans and tank tops and a lot of stripes. Hair in a pony.

Planning: our BIG move here.

Singing: Eric Churche's "Springsteen" and the "I Love You ... Morning, Noon, and Night" song that the Laugh and Learn Puppy sings.

Needing: a manicure and pedicure.

Learning: patience! The course is taught by my 2 year old and meets daily! 

Listening: to my babies chatter back and forth in their beds and loving that they are sisters and have each other.
Wishing: my dryer lint trap would stop eating the buttons of my husbands dress shirts and the straps off my "wash and wear" sun dresses.
Doing: a lot of de-cluttering and making lots of trips to Goodwill.

Praying for: Lucy * Sarah * Suze * Robyn

Dreaming of: Taking THIS blog class.

So this is me.
Want to play along? What are you currently up to?

{this "currently" post idea is borrowed from one of my favorite blogs Jones Design Company; Fun Monthly paper printables, life, and a great eye for all things pretty. Check her out!

Till Next time,
Bon Voyage!

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Anonymous said...

SUPER CUTE!!! I'll have to work on this one :) Especially thankful for your prayers and I just have to say your girls are super cute in the matching dresses I bought them! :):):)