Aug 21, 2012

We Miss The Olympics - Baltimore, MD. - August 2012

I know the Olympics are long gone but I have to say, I REALLY miss having them to watch. I finally deleted the final gymnastics performance I had saved on our DVR, (Yep it was winning gymnnastics gold) and I feel a bit sad that we'll have to wait another 4 years to see more.

The last time I blogged about the Olympics I made fun of the more "questionable" Olympic events, and although this time there are some that definitely fall into that category, I'm going to take the high road.

In an effort to cope with our Olympic withdrawl the Wandering family has been working on a few events of our own and I thought I'd share.

MJ is a natural at gymnastics with her specialty apparatus being the "crib exercise".  Much like the floor exercise, one must demonstrate flexibility...
(Notice her foot is IN her mouth)

Travel the entire length of the apparatus ...

Must make eye contact with the judges...
And at the end of the routine the athlete must scream at the top of her lungs...
(the redder the bar the higher the scores)
Moving to the pool. We continue to be impressed at the Monkey's comfort in the water and all joking aside we think that water sports are in her future if she so desires. For now though her Olympic event is "Father Daughter Synchronized Swimming".

Her entry into the water is flawless...

She and Daddy prepare for the big stunt... Up... Up...
The jump... Look at the height she gets out of the water!!!
And hardly any splash upon entry!
The judges deliberate...
What will it be?  The head judge delivers the scores 
 and I think they're happy with the results!
Finally, we bring you to our coverage of Rocking Horse Equestrianism.  Over the summer we discovered we have a budding Equestrian in our midst. We first discovered her talents at the beginning of the summer at the playground on these fun spring loaded ride on animals.

According to our little monkey, this is a "Gog"...
This is a "Fog"...
And thanks to our friend Tong and the loan of this fun ride on toy she has pretty much perfected the talent.

Meet the"hurse" named "See-buh"
The intensity of a girl in training...
In our tiny living room we had to move furniture during training sessions because, as you can see from the photos, she actually gets so into it so much that she moves across the floor.
She even learned how to say "yee haw!!!"  So much fun!!!
Some other sports we've been working on for Rio - 2016 are:
Power napping...
Speed diaper changing...
competitive laundry folding...
(Are those really such a far stretch from speed walking, dirt biking, & canoe racing)

I know I said I'd take the high road but I couldn't resist!  See you in Rio!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

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