Nov 12, 2012

Fall Fun - Baltimore, MD. October 2012

Note To Reader: I literally have about 15 posts in "draft" right now and am working to get them out over the next couple of weeks. A few things are occupying my time (posts to come on those soon) but mainly it's that MJ is CRAWLING!!! And E has taken it upon herself to shorten her daily nap. We're working at having quiet time, but when those girls get together there's a lot of laughing and not much sleeping. I LOVE having two girls so close in age and pray that they are close friends always.
This year we ventured into the land of fall festivals and pumpkin patches. And I have to say, while I've never really been a "fall"sort of girl, I can definitely see how it'd be easy to "fall" in love with this season as I watch my little girls play in the beauty of autumn.

Irvine Nature Center had a Fall festival that was too inviting to pass up. We met a friend there and had a great time. It was E and MJ's first encounter with a pumpkin, up close and personal.

E loved every bit of picking her pumpkin... 
and MJ's too!
MJ wasn't sure what to make of them...
But with E by her side she'll try anything!
I also discovered that E is pretty much fearless when it comes to giant mascot type animals. This owl was making the rounds throughout the day and if she saw him she RAN to him!
We also took a short day trip with our good friend Annie and her three kids to visit Weber Cider Mill. This place was AWESOME!!! 

There was a kid size tractor ride.
A hay ride with E's best friend Joe (More to come on this).
And a MASSIVE cloth sack slide... 
I'm contemplating installing one of these in our back yard it was so fun!
We ate a picnic lunch with good friends and by the end of the day I had to very tired but happy little ladies.
Thanks Annie for lunch and a GREAT day!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


tenpennyfamily said...

So much fun!!!

Mama said...

Hi Lili,
It sounds and looks like you all had a blast! What a delightful fun-filled day. Do you happen to remember Big Bertha in Mississippi and the girl Scout camping weekends? red clay everywhere but what fun for all.
Love you,
Mama p.s. keep making those memories they will last a lifetime.