Nov 26, 2012

Say a Little Prayer For Kitty Sticks - Baltimore, MD. - November 2012

For the last couple of weeks, we noticed some changes in our kitty cat's weight and behavior. She was hardly getting up to do anything but she was still purring and drinking small amounts of water. We thought she had a bug of some kind or a really bad hair ball, but after several bad days and no improvement, yesterday we took her to the veterinarian.

After an x-ray and several tests they found she did not have any g.i. obstructions, but she was very dehydrated and in acute kidney failure.

They put her on fluids and antibiotics and kept her over night. 
If you have a minute to say a quick little prayer for our Kitty Sticks that would be great! She is a sick little kitty and we love her very much!!!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

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