Oct 27, 2012

Summer Friends - Baltimore, MD - Summer 2012

Over the summer we've had the extreme pleasure of becoming friends with two very special people.


And her sweet little girl.
(The cutie pie on the right.)

We did a lot of swimming and met up a bunch at our near by nature center.

Did lots of baking.

Became ball popper pros!
They even let a certain little sister get in on the fun.

There was even a little time for some "Mickey Mouse Club House".

Unfortunately, the circumstances that brought them into our life have just as quickly taken them back to their home.

For the last week, every time we've gotten in the car E has repeated the same 2 words "See Halle"? I know she doesn't understand when I say that Halle has gone back to her home, in snother town, in another state, and we can't see her anymore. She just say "See Halle, please Mammy".

It's one thing to know you'll be somewhere for 3 months, or a few years and then move, but now, I'm not the only one making friends.

It was such a blessing to have them in our lives over the summer and I hope we remain more than just Christmas card friends.Thanks for a wonderful summer!


TIll next time,
Bon Voyage!

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yuan family said...

Thanks for being so welcoming! We had a great summer with you guys and miss you too!