Dec 30, 2013

CURRENTLY (Long Over Due) - Ann Arbor, MI. - December 2013

Welcome back. Almost 4 months without a post and I really don't have much of an excuse.  I will say there has been time, but these days sleep overcomes me in the moments that are quiet.  As it often does, life has taken us lots of places this fall and winter so I thought I'd share a little bit of what we are "currently" up to before I attempt to plat MASSIVE catch up before Mini Sticks arrives.

Loving: watching Criminal Minds with The Hub after the girls are in bed.

Waiting for: Mini Sticks to arrive so he or she can wear this fun shirt!!!
(Thank you Greta!)

Excited about: My BIRTHDAY (only 10 days away!

Missing: My best friend!

Trying to: Parent with Grace and reach my children's HEARTS
 (This book has been a great resource...
 in conjunction with THIS amazing quick reference chart... Plus an incredible email from THIS FRIEND who, until now, probably has no idea how much her words have meant to me and how much strength they give me DAILY!)

Working on: rearranging projects like this the girls bedroom.
(More to come in a future post)

Enjoying: Having The Hub home on vacation to enjoy little moments like this.

THIS and THIS.  I got them both at a "5 Favorite Things" christmas party. 
This soap smells good enough to eat!

And this lip balm is too cute, smells yummy, and makes me feel way cooler than I am when using it in public. 

Wearing: Pants with elastic waste bands... And LOVING IT!!!

Planning: my nesting stock stock up.  History has revealed that, for me, nesting does not take the form of OCD house cleaning, I shop for things like toilet paper, paper towels, tooth paste, soap shampoo, cat litter, laundry detergent, cereal, frozen food, and any other item that would allow my family to "survive" if I should die in childbirth.  Sort of morbid, I know but this is what I'm compelled to do in the weeks leading up to delivery, so I might as well plan, right?

Singing: Christmas music.

Writing: posts about...
E Turns 3
Greta Visits Ann Arbor
A New Room for 2 Growing Girls
Seating for 3
Knoxville Get Away
Diary of a 3 Year Old
Diary of a 1 Year Old
A Michigan Winter
Aunt "Za-Nah-Nah" visiting for Thanksgiving
Advent Tree Ornament Exchange
4 Christmas Gifts
Keeping Busy in The Snow
Keeping Family Close When We're Far Away
Where We Will Wander Next
and more...

Needing: a hair cut.
(I'm really missing my cute A-Line Bob.  Made me feel "put together".

Learning: About photography from THIS book
Wishing: that my girls will one day be best friends.
(There are moments I see hope, but most of the time they are fighting, pushing, and pulling hair.)

Doing: NOTHING in the way of exercise to prepare for the labor and delivery of this baby.
(Meaning THESE DVDs are "currently" collecting dust!)

Praying for: Mini Sticks * Sarah * Robyn * Annie

Dreaming of: BIG family Christmases when we return to East Tennessee.

So this is me.
Want to play along? What are you currently up to?

{this "currently" post idea is borrowed from one of my favorite blogs Jones Design Company; Fun Monthly paper printables, life, and a great eye for all things pretty. Check her out!

I promise I will be back VERY soon!

Till Next time,
Bon Voyage!

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Anonymous said...

Always enjoy your updates. I buy many of the same things remembering the ice storm of 94. Early Happy Birthday too!