Jan 1, 2014

E's Box Of Stars - Ann Arbor, MI. - January 2014

Wow! I truly can't believe I just typed "2014"!  I already know this is going to be an exciting year for our family.  There will be A LOT of change and through all this change there will be a lot of growth and accepting the true meaning of this prayer of serenity.
Today, as I pack up the Christmas decorations, take down the tree, and vacuum the billion pine needles that are making my house smell delicious, my sweet and tough and challenging, and beautiful big girl found this "box of stars".
So we're sitting, enjoying what I'd call one of the "quieter moments" in our house, listening to Fairy Songs as she plays with "stars" and tells me all the reasons she is both a "Big girl" and a "little girl" all at the same time.
Moments like this, with her, warm my heart, because over the last 6 months our relationship has been hard.  I know that the driving force behind it is that we are so incredibly alike.
She is willful and stubborn, defiant of authority, desperate for approval, and hungry for new and challenging tasks.  She frustrates easily but delights in mastering new skills.  She is beautiful and goofy, and driven when motivated, and OH SO SMART! 
You'd think that all of this would make it easier to know what she needs but I struggle daily to know how to reach her heart! 
One of my biggest prayers for this new year is that I am able to grow into my role as her mother, Help her to know that she is so incredibly LOVED even when she is in trouble, give her grace, keep her safe, teach her to be obedient, respectful, and honest, and above all to love the Lord!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

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