Jan 14, 2014

Her Smiles are FREE - Ann Arbor, MI. - January 2013

As we approach her 2nd birthday in a little less than two months I find myself reflecting on something my Dad said over Christmas. "I just love MJ's smile and how freely she shares it".
This little lady and her absolutely adorable and unique little smile (which I fear will change when her last 8 teeth arrive) has been lighting our days since the moment she joined our family. She is sweet and fiery and about as sensitive as a person could be. Her big sister is her best friend and most favorite porson in the world. Regardless of how many times she is pushed or the toy she's playing with is taken, "shared", she seeks E's approval, affection, and attention. In the last few months she has been asking to sit on the Potty whenever E does and when she's successful she looks to E to tell her "good job MJ".

She is fiery and has started fighting for what she wants, toys, the crusts off her grilled cheese, and the coveted spot on Daddy's lap after a long day of play
With both of our girls, this has been a super fun age where we are tickled at her words and funny phrases:
"I can't want that"
"I'm the stinky one"
"Look at my fat belly"
"Look at YOUR fat belly"
I think most of all we adore her "I love you's. They are unsolicited and sweet and usually either whispered softly or shouted in the the chorus of a made up song.

When MJ was just learning to crawl, and far before the thought of an actual "Mini Sticks" had been discussed, a good friend of mine told me that our littlest lady had the personality of a "middle child". I am a middle child and my prayer for this beautiful little one over the next year is that she never feels lost or left out as the middle child. I pray we cultivate these beautiful smiles that are so freely given 
...and as with her big sister, I pray we give her grace as she learns so much over this next year. I pray we are able to keep her safe, and teach her to be obedient, respectful, and honest, and above all to love the Lord!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

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