Sep 17, 2015

Stitch Fix #16 Review- Knoxville, TN - September 2015

My Note to My Stylist
I'd love some white as we move into fall, maybe a cable knit cozy sweater (NOT ITCHY PLEASE) I love the SF Blog Post on the "10 Fall Style Essentials". and am digging the White sweater, Suede dress, wide legged jeans, the print on the skirt would be perfect on pants and I pinned an amazing scarf! Getting excited about fall!

Note From My Stylist
Hi Lili, Happy Fix Day! I had a great time styling you today and I hope that you like the Fall essentials that I was able to find for you The Dear John wide leg trouser is a great pant to wear with sweaters or blouses, pair with the RD Style white sweater and a heel for a fun look. The Fate Suede dress is great to wear with a legging and boot or pair with a heel and layer with a fun necklace for a great look, Wear the collective Concepts top with the jeans and layer with the Latte jacket which is another Fall must have. The cargo jacket is a great neutral and can be layered over anything or wear with a black jean and white shirt for a great layered look. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the scarf that you requested, but please ask for it again next fix. Let us know hoe things worked in this Fix and what you might light in your next Fix.

LATTE Jovani Twill Jacket
Size: Just Right | Style: Just Right | Price: Like it | Fit / Cut: Like it
When I pulled this jacket from the box I was a little confused. 
 It's almost identical in color and style to the Market & Spruce Chaplin Hooded Anorak Cargo Jacket I received in Fix #10, just a little more structured, don't you think?
despite the similarities I slid my arms in and found myself wishing I'd gotten this jacket first.  But then...
Moments later... 
I discovered THIS.....
All the zipper pockets are FAKE!!!  WHAT!?!?! 
SERIOUSLY!!??  That being said I still love how this jacket fits and think it looks great!  Wasn't there a different color?

COLLECTIVE CONCEPTS Salas Split Neck Blouse $58.00
Size: Just Right | Style: Just Right Price: Love it | Fit / Cut: Like it
I like this top and the large geo print.  I also like that the pattern lines up from one side to the other which has been sort of a "thing" with other StitchFix blouses.  
When I tried it on it felt a little big, espicially in the arm holes.
I added my old stand by gren, hooded cardigan and really like how the outfit came together

RD STYLE Ridge Zipper Detail Cowl Neck Sweater $64.00
Size: Too big | Style: Just right Price: Like it | Fit / Cut: Hate it
When I saw this beauty in the box I was really excited to try on this sweater. I requested a white cozy sweater and I thought this was going to be perfect! 
But in reality it felt HUGE on, was SUPER itchy, and the bizarre, uneven, A-semetrical hem line really bugs me.
SUPER WEIRD, RIGHT?  Why would someone do this to such a beautiful sweater??!!  I wish I knew how to sew r alter or something because there were so many things I liked about this sweater.  For example.  I LOVE the zipper detail on the sleeve and the length would have been perfect for leggings and riding boots.

FATE Fischer Suede Dress $88.00
Size: Just right | Style: Like it Price: Just right | Fit / Cut: Hate it
I absolutly love that I requested this dress and a few days later it appeared in my Stitch Fix box!  THANK YOU!!!  Thank you for listening!
I love so much about this dress.  The dropped waist line is so flattering.  The material was amazing and somehow didn't wrinkle!  Not sure how that works, but it's impressive!  this dress was so incredibly soft! I couldn't stop "petting" the dress!  The length was PERFECT!  Unfortunately, the crew neck line is just too high!", like pioneer woman high.

DEAR JOHN Marson Wide Leg Denim Trouser $78.00
Size: Too big | Style: Just right Price: Like it | Fit / Cut: Hate it

The final piece in this Fix were these amazing jeans which I'm wearing with all the other pieces I received in this fix except the dress of course.  
with RD STYLE Ridge Zipper Detail Cowl Neck Sweater
with COLLECTIVE CONCEPTS Salas Split Neck Blouse
with LATTE Jovani Twill Jacket

This Fix was a LOVE/HATE. The HATE was that she (or he) didn't appear to review my past fixes and sent something almost identical to a piece from fix 10. I wish I could have the same stylist each Fix.  I wish that after 16 monthly fixes I was developing a "relationship" with my stylist like this fellow Stitch Fixer and that my fixes were getting better. That's not happening. My goal for each Fix is to keep all 5 pieces and take advantage of the discount. With a new stylist each fix it's just not possible because you're starting over every time.  I LOVE that my stylist sent me a few of my requested items and I LOVE that some of the pieces are keepers!

I just wanted to take a moment to say that I really do LOVE Stitch Fix. I definitely don't want my readers to get the wrong impression in my reviews.  My goal in doing these reviews is to be completely honest about the process.  I'd hate for someone to read this, sign up for Stitch Fix and think that every piece was a winner every time. That your stylist listened to and honored your every request. and the inventory fairies made it possible for the right size and colors to be available every time.  That's just not the case, but that being said, it's still FUN!  For a busy mama of 3 little ladies 5 and under it's awesome to be able to have beautiful clothes appear at my doorstep.  Almost every time I wear a stitch Fix piece out someone comments on it and says how great it looks or asks where I got it. the styles and brands are so unique and are buys that I could only dream about purchasing "sans little ones" from a beautifully appointed boutique with a sign on the door reading "NO STICKY CHILDREN ALLOWED!!!"

I figured that the fact that I'm still receiving Fixes after almost a year and a half would speak for it's self, but just in case it doesn't, this is just FOR THE RECORD, I LOVE Stitch Fix and don't see myself slowing down any time soon.  If you're thinking about it you should definitely give it a try,
and now...
LATTE Jovani Twill Jacket - $98.00 - SEND BACK
COLLECTIVE CONCEPTS Salas Split Neck Blouse - $58.00 - KEEP
RD STYLE Ridge Zipper Detail Cowl Neck Sweater - $64.00 - SEND BACK
DEAR JOHN Marson Wide Leg Denim Trouser - $78.00 - KEEP
FATE Fischer Suede Dress - $88.00 - SEND BACK
What is Stitch Fix ?
How Does It Work
It really is FANTASTICALLY EASY! The Stitch Fix Q&A page does a GREAT job explaining everything but the basics are... Fill out your Style Profile. Pick the date you’d like to receive your shipment. you'll pay a $20 styling fee before each fix which is applied to anything you purchase. Your "Fix" will arrive on your doorstep. (My mail lady actually hand delivered one of my Stitch Fix packages just so she could ask me what it was.) Once you have your package in hand, try everything on in the comfort of your home (you have 3 days). After you've had time to try everything on and see how each piece will work you log on to Stitch and buy what you like and return the rest. You’re only charged for the items you keep when you let them know what you’re keeping and returning at Check Out. **DON'T FORGET*** The $20 styling fee will be applied toward any items you purchase. Also, ALL Stitch Fix clients enjoy free shipping both ways!

Buy All 5 Discount
One of the best parts about Stitch Fix is that if you choose to purchase all of the clothes in your fix, your order is automatically discounted 25%!

Get "Pinning"
According to Katrina Lake Stitch Fix founder and CEO 
"Pinterest is by far the most helpful. It's super interesting, and there's a lot of overlap with our audience. Even if you have nothing about fashion on your Pinterest board, you can learn so much by what people are pinning on their decor boards or DIY boards. It gives you a peek into what someone's life is like." - Q&A interview by Dana Hull, with the San Jose Mercury News

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Till next time,
Bon Voyage! 


Kerri said...

I shared your review today on Stitch Fix Reviews :)

Linda said...

Hi! You should contact customer service because you most certainly can ask for a the same stylist. Pick one that you thought was the best at picking your style and request them. I have only received 3 fixes, I requested that my second stylist be my stylist because I thought she did the best for me and wanted better boxes myself. Good luck!