Apr 4, 2008

Future Road Trips - March 2008

My husband and I just welcomed in the newest member of our family. No, again no babies were born, our first joint married people big decision and purchase was finalized last night. We are excited and proud, and really all around THRILLED to introduce you to “Moose”! (See photo to the left) He’s a silver 4 wheel drive Toyota 4 Runner with tan cloth interior, a roof rack, a sun roof, and about ninety-five cup holders!!! His name, “MOOSE” comes from the fact that he was born in Colorado and tells us that he use to chase moose when he was there... or is it mooses, like cabooses… no maybe its meese, like geese… hummm… You get the idea! Anyhow HE’S GREAT!!!

We will now be able to take road trips with out renting cars! (our previous cars were about 13 years old and although they could be trusted to take us to and from work, church, the grocery, and the oh so important ice cream run in the middle of the summer on a day that it is so very hot that your clothing is threatening to go on strike because you are sweating so much, or a Sunday morning doughnut run, they could not be trusted to go long distances.

Needless to say I love love love this monster truck SUV. And feel wildly privileged then I am rolling down the street in it. He still feels too nice to be ours. We can’t wait to take it to the mountains of East Tennessee later this year!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

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Anonymous said...

Hi you guys, Yes both of you. This sweet exciting blogg seemed so lonely out there and it was so cute and what an important decision! Congratulations! He sounds like a big hunk. Little one do you feel even more powerful driving him? Whoo-who! Love you both, Mama