Apr 4, 2008

Honey, I think I broke Moose – Clarksville, TN – March 2008

Note to Reader: I must confess, I LOVE GADGETS!!! Buttons knobs, dials, displays, you name it and I want to figure out how it works. When I was 11 I took apart a clock radio and put it back together… and it worked... and there were no parts left over!!!

Additional note to Reader: I am stubborn!!!

Well we took Moose on his first road trip this weekend and he was a complete hit! It rained most of the weekend, minus about two hours on Saturday afternoon. Well I took the opportunity to investigate every nook and cranny of our new wheels. I pushed every button, looked in every compartment, flipped every switch, moved every seat, found every cup holder (even the ones that are hidden in the doors in the back seat), and sat in every seat to get the prospective. I even crouched low in the middle of the center back seat to get the view from our future baby seat. The bottom line is, I REALLY LIKE THIS TRUCK!!!

So there I was standing outside Moose talking to my mother-in-law (MIL) and examining the fancy key chain that has buttons to unlock Lock, panic, and a forth button that has a picture of a tail gate with an arrow on the window that I had not yet pushed. So we were discussing if that button would indeed put down the back window. So I push it and it beeps and nothing else happens. I push it again, but this time two times fast. (There is no logic in this except for maybe the same logic that causes you to push an elevator call button that is already lit… you know you do it too!) Still nothing except beeping. Well third times a charm I think to myself and I push the button and hold it down… and the back window slides slowly open! “YAHOOO!!! SUCCESS!!!” My MIL is grinning at my reaction and I proceed to push and hold the button to return the window to the closed position. “BEEP BEEP BEEP” says Moose and nothing more. Hummmmm… again I try and again Moose says “BEEP BEEP BEEP”.

I look down the hill at my loving husband who is investigating the garden his dad has planted and then back at my MIL who has either lost interest in my antics or does not want to be incriminated with me and is now heading quickly away from me to “walk the dogs”.

“Think Lili” I said out loud to myself and rolled my eyes back in my head trying to remember if the car salesman told us about a trick to the back window. Then I remember that the drive out tag was still posted on the window when it was rolled down and it did make a crinkling sound when it went down. Just as I think that I have jammed the window down and am beginning to search for signs of my destruction the sound of thunder rolls through their horse pasture and the wind begins to pick up. I looked up at the sky and saw it begin to shift from light gray to dark. I looked back down at the place where the window slides into and everything looked okay.

“Oh my goodness, oh my goodness...” I repeat as I move around the truck searching for some sort of secret button with a picture that matches the one on the key chain. I hop into the driver’s seat and do a quick once over and… there it is just to the right of the steering wheel. I press it and hold it and still Moose does nothing and says “BEEP BEEP BEEP!”

“Gerrrr” I think… out loud again, what is wrong with this truck I push again and hold and again… “BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!”

“I’ll BEEP BEEP BEEP you, you silly truck if you don’t put up your back window!!!” Again I do a sweep of all the buttons window controls; a button that has a window and an X on it, which I think must mean “kids, don’t roll down the windows, and just in case you try, this little button locks them to keep you from doing it”, mirror mover buttons, lights, wipers, hazard lights, and the button that matches my key chain. I hold my breath close my eyes and push the button again as the thunder rumbles again.

“What on earth are you doing? You look retarded what ever it is.” It’s my husband! Split second decision make up a story, never figure out how to close the window, and pray that he’ll buy that it just came that way, or tell the truth.

“I rolled down the tail gate window and I can’t make it go back up. And all moose will do is ‘BEEP BEEP BEEP’ at me” I say poking out my bottom lip. “I’ve tried everything! I have pushed every button... Twice… and nothing is working.”

“Oh really he said and leaned into the drivers window with a big old ha ha grin on his face and he looks down at the window buttons “did you try this one… twice?” he said poking the ‘kids don’t roll down the windows button’ once popping it up (“unlock” I would guess” and a second time (has to be “lock”) which is where it was when I got in the truck. He pushes it a third time and opens the driver’s door in one fluid movement reached over me to push the button that matched the one on my key chain. Moose’s window slid gently into place just as the rain drops started to fall.

“I thought I broke moose!!!” I said with a very sad face.

“Nope, he said you just got punked by him! Love you babe” he said and planted a big kiss on my blushing cheek.

“Love you too!”

Till Next time,
Bon Voyage!


sanctifyingsarah said...

Did you ever think of reading the instruction manual? You must have too much testosterone to haven't let read the instructions cross your mind!

sanctifyingsarah said...

Did you ever think to read the instuction manual? When I got my CR-V I read it religiously. But, it did make me regret not getting the upgrades.