Feb 25, 2009

Don’t tell our future kids!!! =) - February 2009

Note to Reader: Have you ever forgotten a meal, gotten so busy doing other things that you completely neglected to eat? For me, this is a VERY rare instance, but when it happens there is either a stern case of the “grumpy hungries” and an obscene eating fest that results in extreme happiness at what ever is on my plate. Oh and don't forget a massive case of heart burn!

So there we were, playing Wii Golf and I was complaining that I was hungry.

The hub asked "Do you want a peanut butter graham cracker?”

I said "nope. I want something like chips".

“Okay, get chips and salsa” he said.

“We have chips and salsa?” I said with a head tilt of confusion “Are you sure?”

With the controller dangling from his arm he walked to the pantry and from the way way back he pulled out a giant bag of On the Boarder tortilla chips, and from the refrigerator he produced and set on the counter an almost completely full jar of salsa.

My eyes widened with excitement as I exclaimed “WOW!!! We do have chips and salsa!”

In the next 30 minutes, we proceeded to eat the entire jar of salsa and most of the back of chips. The Hub convinced me to eat not one but THREE graham crackers with not only a heaping spoon full of peanut butter, but a happy layer of Hershey’s chocolate syrup as well.

It wasn’t till we were halfway through the salsa jar that the Hub looked up at me and asked, “Did we eat dinner?”

I shut my eyes trying to replay the events of the day and to my shock and amazement, the last meal I could remember was Pancakes at 9:30 that morning. “I can’t remember eating dinner” I said putting another chip into my mouth. “Do you?”

He shook his head and said “I think we forgot!” He reached for another chip, but stopped short. “You want me to make something?”

I looked sheepishly at the spread we were working on and said “I kinda just want to eat this.”

“Me too” he said happily. “Have another cracker!” He said handing me another graham cracker with a big boy sized spoon full of Jiff and enough Hershey’s syrup on it to turn an entire glass of white milk brown!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Additional Note to Reader: Don’t tell our future kids!!! =)

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Beth Siciliano said...

Lili -- You are such a talented writer -- you make the most normal everyday things so interesting and fun to read. Keep writing... especially on your new desk (I almost teared up reading that one!)

Nikki said...

Love it! I forget to eat all the time!

sara waynick said...

HAHA! Now that's my kind of dinner! I LOVE chips n salsa!!! Chili's salsa is my favorite. :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha I love the term ' the grumpy hungries'

I'm going to start using it, but I'll be sure to give you credit

Anonymous said...

and thank you very very much for reading what I wrote earlier.. It makes me actually want to open up more with your support.. !