Feb 23, 2009

A Place to Be! – February 2009

Note to Reader: this is a VERY belated Valentines Day post.

The Friday before Valentines Day the Hub and I were going to baby sit for a couple we are friends with. Their baby is a SUPER CUTE 6 month old who was so fun to sit with for a couple of hours while his mommy and daddy got to have a V-Day date! YAHOO!!! And oh so much fun!!!

So I rushed home from work just a little before 5:00 to try to beat the traffic and found the Hub up to something. He stopped me at the door and took my red laptop bag, coat, and purse, set them all down and told me to close my eyes. He led me by the hands, he walking backwards guiding me forwards into his office. As we passed from the darkness of the front hall into the room, I smelled the unmistakable sent of new wood furniture and started getting excited. What was it!?

He spun me around and then said “Open your eyes”!

I gasped, speechless at what I saw, which for me is a really big deal. A beautiful new writing desk was sitting adjacent to his!

I must give you a small amount of back story. I’ve been a writer in some way shape form or fashion since I was old enough to write. My best friend in grade school, Mishella, and I used to read the creative things that we would write over the phone to each other and give critiques.

My freshman year in high school I took a biology class and about mid way through the year my teacher had a mental break down and the rest of the year was a long string of substitutes, so I took it upon myself to write my first full length story about a girl that goes from obscurity to a gymnastics star at her high school. (I made a C in biology that year!)

I wrote all the way through college and even got something published in our Literary Magazine. It’s never been a play thing for me. It’s always been something very real.
However, in the past few years, I haven’t really had a place to write. I’ve dragged my laptop all over the house writing on the couch, the man chair, the bedroom floor the floor of the Hub’s office, the kitchen counter, really, just anywhere I fit. It’s never been something I complained about, but I have been looking forward to a time when I could have a little corner to call my own.
I looked up at the Hub and he proudly said, “I split my office with you. It took me five hours to put that thing together, but now you have a place to write!” He'd even taken some of my trinkets, photographs favorite books, and writing books and decorated it.
This is one of the most thoughtful gifts he’s ever gotten me. I’ve written at it just about every day, the last several blogs have been posted from it, and the first novel is well on its way! (More details about that are coming soon!)

Anyhow, I just wanted to take this chance in front of the whole blogesphere to tell the Hub thanks for giving me a place to be!

Till Next Time!
Bon Voyage!


Mikki said...

That is so sweet! It looks great in there too!

Will Ragsdale said...

Wow, this looks really cool. Congrats!

Also, I will write a post about food just for you called 'Melting pot project'

Lo said...

Too Sweet!

Suze said...

This is a beautiful desk that I'm sure will be put to great use! Looking forward to reading more of your writing from that desk. Love ya!

sanctifyingsarah said...

That is so sweet I am crying. I know how much that means to you. He is so thoughtful. Now, I want to read the first chapter.

Mano Rennt said...

KUDOS to the Hub! I hope to read many many stories from the desk of the wandering Lili! :)

Mano Rennt said...

Your blog signature should change to: from the ultra cool, cozy, inspiring, wood desk of the Wandering Lili :) I think your book will have a note or two about it :)

Anonymous said...

What a guy! That's a wonderful gift you and everyone who reads what you write will enjoy for years to come :) Katherine Stephan

Sarah :) said...

I have to say, it's very pretty desk and a very special gift. Kudos for Jeremy!