Apr 2, 2009

Long time no see - April 2009

Sorry for the long absence. Several new posts are in the works along with the announcement of the characters name. I did want to highlight the contest winner though. His entry was pretty creative a couple of pretend news articles that were really funny. I’m not sure how many of you got a chance to read the other entries. So here they are along with his cute acceptance speech. Enjoy!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

Note To Reader: If you like his writing, check out his blogs, Life as a rubik's cube and Personal experiences being a heavy-set runner.

ROYTERS- 11.March.2009
The world-famous Wandering Lili has officially opened the contest to name one of the characters of her much anticipated novel. Although details of the book have not been revealed, there are rumors that two major film studios are interested in producing a short-film based on "Remembery Tea" and a full-length feature on the new novel. The author, who lives by the shores of the Mississippi river in the Bluff City, has not confirmed or denied the rumor. "Fans believe that the Wandering Lili is giving them "signals" about the films and the new novel in each of her blog postings" said Mr. Rennt, leader of the "These Boots Were Made for WANDERING" club, a group of bloggers who often reference the Wandering Lili's blogs. A blog posted anonymously leaked "details" about the upcoming novel, in which the most interesting "fact" is about one of the characters, a heavy-set foreigner who's has to learn English to be able to start his own blog. Phone calls and emails to the author of the blog and to the Wandering Lili have not been returned.

ESPNN - 13.March.2009
March madness continues and the competition to win the coveted "character-naming-rights" heats up! Today, the anniversary of the Wandering Lili's opening blog has taken the spot light from last night's six-overtime game. Flocks thousands of followers of the Southern Writing Power House, Ms. Wandering Lili, took cyberspace and ESPNN message boards to spread the good news. Their postings reminded us that she IS the current winner of the 2008-09 Football Picks Competition and most were signed with her now famous phrase: Note to reader.The grand finale of this competition is closing in, and the brackets are still anyone's guess. Even our best sports commentators are all over the place in their predictions, to the point that this has taken all the attention from the college basketball championship week.So, for now, 8760 hours after the kick off of the Wandering Lili's blog, we still have about 120 more hours of March Blogging Madness to go, and baby, expect over times!

ROYTERS - 18.March.2009
In true "last-minute" fashion, congress presented a bill and voted to approve it unanimously, setting an unprecedented record, 100 percent of the votes went for the program "Remembery Tea", an altruistic program inspired by The Wandering Lili, a world-known blogger from The Bluff City. The new bill includes measures to support family memories and bloggers who write about such things. The bill also uses the signature phrase from The Wandering Lili "note to reader", although some confused members of congress thought those were earmarks that would support pork barrel spending, but after a brief explanation of such phrase, and a good laugh, congress agreed to pass the bill unanimously. There are some rummors that congress will invite The Wandering Lili to present the bill to the senate and to the president, who himself has said he's "a big fan of her blog and reads it regularly". The Wandering Lili wasn't available for comments, in preparation for her interview with Jay Leno in "The Tonight Show", where it's believed that she'll unveil the winner of her month-long contest.

In Summary
Favourite blog entry: Remembery Tea.Why? Bc in it you share something very personal and cool about you growing up and how special it made you feel to get such a present on your last birthday :)Most repeated phrase? Definitely "note to reader" :) such a nice way to give us some insight about what we, the readers, are about to read :)

WOW! I'm speechless :) I'd like to thank everyone at the Wandering Lili's fan club who voted for me, it's a dream come true. To all the producers, the crew, the other contestants for making this such a great competition. I don't want to leave anyone out, so bare with me, I prepared a small list, but know that I also think of you, in case I miss calling your name:

Thanks to:
Lili, Sheli, Ana, Mark, Caroline, Tom, Owen, Eric, The Memphis Tigers, to the chicks of "Rock of Love", to Brett Michaels and his hair extensions, to Chelsey Lately and Chuy, to the Undertaker, to the People's Republic of China (for my computer), to the sharks who lent me money (I'll pay you now, once I collect royalties from the book), to Dr. Phil, Tyra and Maury, to the two Red Bulls I took before writing my blog entry, to the guards at work, to Channel 3 for being on my side, to Bear Gryles, to the mythbusters and Dr. Gregory House, and last but not least, to baby Jesus :)


Oh, and thank you to all the judges and the academy for encouraging me, and to Robert Smith for inspiring me, and to Bono for the cool shades, and Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Rhianna, and to... sorry, I ran out of time. But thank you to Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow! Thank ya, thank ya, thank ya very much!

:) - Manizzle

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