Apr 23, 2009

My MD in MD - Baltimore, MD - April 2009

So to catch you all up, do you remember that letter I mentioned back on March 19th that would "change the course of our lives"? Well we opened that letter and in turn, a brand new chapter. This June, only a few weeks after he graduates from Medical school, the Hub and I will pack up all of our worldly belongings and the kitties and move over 1000 miles to make Baltimore, MD our new home.

This past weekend, we hopped a quick flight to BWI and found our new digs.

Note To Reader: Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) is one of the least expensive airports on earth to fly into! We’re talking round trip fares for under $100.00!

After searching over 40 properties, we finally found a place that met not only our needs, but also a lot of our wants as well. We’ll have a 2bd /2bth with about 300 more square feet than we currently have. There’s a fire place vaulted ceilings, a garden tub in the master bath, big closets, a kitchen island, and a GIGANTIC laundry room, YAY!!! No pictures yet, but I’ll have a ton of moving in projects that I’ll be blogumenting as we go, so there will be a lot of pictures coming soon. In the mean time, here are a few quick shots from our weekend adventure.

Our first taste of Maryland Crab Cakes! Mmmmm!!! Goooood!!!

We met up with my aunt E and Uncle J who, unbeknownst to us live only an hour from said new digs. Yay!!! Love 'em!!! Love 'em!!! Love 'em!!!

Remember this guy from the Hub's tails from the road? Same Hotel... Same Corner... Same Window Washer!!! Oh and Yes, it was raining!

This is just my attempt at an artistic picture of the Baltimore World Trade Center.
In his spare time, the hub has dreams of being a crab fisherman. He had to be sure he could buy crab fisherman paraphernalia at the local XXX- Mart.
Additional Note To Reader: We’re still working on the self portrait thing, but I thought this one was cute. (That’s a GIANT Barns & Noble in the back ground, Yay!!!)
I honestly can’t believe that in less than 2 months this city will be home.

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Sarah :) said...

How exciting!!! I can't wait to visit!

Sara W said...

It's going to be AWESOME! Fresh seafood all the time?! I'm jealous!! =)

Mano Rennt said...

I'm really happy for you guys :)

sanctifyingsarah said...

Of course I am sure you have researched and found that I am only 1.5 hours away from you as well. I can't wait to visit you.