Jun 23, 2009

Rumblings as We Settle In - Owings Mills MD - June 2009

The Hub: From the kitchen - “I need the colander.”

Wandering Lili: From amidst a pile of boxes in the bedroom - “Well than get it.”

The Hub: Still in the kitchen - “I don’t know where you put it.”

Wandering Lili: Still amidst a pile of boxes in the bedroom - “Look in the cabinet under the wine glasses.”

The Hub: Now turning circles in the kitchen - “Where’s that?”

Wandering Lili: Beginning to climb out of the pile of boxes in the bedroom - “Beside the stove.”

The Hub: Banging pots and pans (indicating he is on the wrong side of the stove) - “Not there.”

Wandering Lili: Still climbing out of the pile of boxes in the bedroom “The other cabinet beside the stove. The one on the….”

***BIG Crash as the wander falls inside… Yes, INSIDE a wardrobe box!***

The Hub: Looking up from the cabinet, still on the wrong side of the stove - “You okay?” – small pause - This is the one under the glasses and it’s not there:”

Wandering Lili: From inside the wardrobe box - “Wine glasses not regular glasses. Look on the other side of the stove!”

The Hub: Cabinets closing and opening - “Found it!”

Wandering Lili: Still inside the wardrobe box - “Glad to hear it.”

Note to Reader: I freaking LOVE moving!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Stephanie Sabbe said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Box people! Have you found each other yet in that organized kayos? Don't stay in the wardrobe box to long you might miss supper and DR. J is cooking! Since you fell in the wardrobe box, I'm assuming it was empty. Only thing is make sure you don't make a wrong turn and end up in Narnia. Would you be Lucy or Susan? HMMM! Glad you found your way to your new digs! I'll be calling this weekend to take care of you and J's ball park party adventure! so keep an ear out. I'm assuming to call your number Lili unless you have another. Hope supper is good and worth the hunt and the fall in the box!

Love You,

Mama M.

Sarah :) said...

Funny! :) I love moving too!

Suze said...

was the I LOVE moving statement hinting at sarcasm? just curious if you really love moving or if that was for fake? lol

Sara W said...

i HATE moving