Oct 6, 2012

Good Bye Dr. Martens - Baltimore, MD. - October 2012

In 1999 I was in college at the University of Tennessee. There was a small "emo" boutique down on the strip that sold all manner of strange things; from tie die T-shirts to vinyl records. They also sold Dr. Martens. I'd wanted a pair since my freshman year in high school but there was no way we could spend a hundred dollars on shoes. Payless knock offs would have to do.

Fast forward 5 years and there I was with an on campus job, a scholarship, a little bit of extra money each month, and the still fresh dream of owning a pair of those chunky leather shoes. The buckles made a distinct little tinkling clunk when i walked. You could tell my mood by my "Dr. Marten walk". They were perfect! 
I saved for 4 months, which is an eternity for a college kid, and visited my shoes each week. Finally in mid December just before Christmas break I went down, cash in pocket and bought these shoes.

I think they were just over a hundred dollars. I remember walking in and telling the clerk I'd like them in a 5 and 1/2 please, He disappeared into the back and returned a few minutes later with the familiar box in hand. I slipped them on and felt a little giddy. I even asked if I could wear them out, not caring that it was in the lower 40s. I wore these shoes EVERYWHERE. They took me up and down The Hill, to football games, and all over France in 2001 and although I don't wear them as much these days, I still bust them out each summer and they remind me of college every time I put them on. I love these shoes!

Now, almost 13 years later, they've finally walked their last mile. They are literally falling apart.
So it's time to say good bye. It's been great walking with you!
The good news is I've got my eye on a new pair, less chunk and a little more girl.
Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

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Amy E said...

Shoot, it sounds like you got your money's worth! That's great! I got to visit England on a school trip in high school and one of the highlights of the trip (for me anyway) was visiting the Doc Martin factory. It was awesome!!! Like your new choice too :)