Oct 1, 2012

Part 2: MJ's Arrival! - Baltimore, MD. - February 2012

The story of MJ's arrival wouldn't be complete without recounting our hospital stay. I'll skip the details of foley catheters, pain killer induced paranoia, a liquid diet, and a few of the other unmentionables of the aftermath of childbirth, natural or surgical, and skip to the fun stuff.

First off we LOVE our peds group!!!  They came every day and were so gentle and loving to our sweet baby girl.  They didn't make me feel silly asking questions and gave us wonderful advice on how to help E with the transition to "big sister ".
(Dr. G. checking MJ without even waking her up.  Impressive)

This time it was fun to have a few visitors to welcome this little lady into the world,.  On day one MJ got her first visitor when Megan came by after work.
(Megan and MJ)

And on day two, Katie brought a yummy lunch from Einstein's Bagles!
(Katie and MJ)

And as one of the perks of being a hospital employee, on our final night in the hospital we enjoyed a fancy dinner brought to my room.
We dined on Lobster Tails and Ribs...
While MJ slept a few feet away.

One thing we did differently this time was that after the first night, the Hub and I decided that it'd be best for E to spend nights in her own bed so at the end of each day he picked her up from Katie's and took her home.  This gave them some really good one on one time and it gave me a chance to decompress and process every thing that had happened.  I took advantage of the nursery every night so that I could rest.

These 2 didn't actually meet until we came home because E was under 2 years old and it was flu season but when she held her for the first time I think she realized on some level that her world would never be the same.

Looking back, although there were major ups and downs, our hospital stay was good.  Thanks to a brand new food service program, the food was wonderful!!! 

I know this may sound strange, but it was nice to be "taken care of".  food brought to me, water at the push of a button, someone to make the bed while I was in the shower, it was nice.  There is an acceptable amount of fear that comes with being a new mom and adding another little one to your family.  Having people there to bounce questions off of and cheer you on feels good, especially if your family doesn't live close by and isn't able to come into town to help.  I take away a new found LOVE of Lorna Doones shortbread cookies and an EVEN DEEPER LOVE of these two.

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

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Amy Ogles said...

I meant to comment on your first post about MJ's delivery and I never went back and commented. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure her arrival made for an eventful day and things probably haven't slowed down much since then now that you are caring for two little ones. : ) Glad you guys are doing well.