Jan 14, 2013

An Update On Kitty Sticks - Baltimore, MD- December 2012

The last few months has been crazy, but that's the holidays, right? I know it's been a few weeks, well really 2 months, but I wanted to update you on Kitty Sticks.

After MY LAST POST I let you know that we had been told She was in acute kidney failure and they were treating her dehydration with the hope that her phosphorous level would go down. If that happened her nausea would decrease and she would start eating again.
(You can see from the x-ray that one of her kidneys, the fuzzy spots on the middle at the bottom of her rib cage, is GIANT and the other is very small.)

We did every thing we knew to do to help boost her spirits. 
We visited her, brought her her favorite shirts to sleep on. but the vet kept telling us that she wasn't improving as drastically as she needed to. Well, after 4 days in the kitty cat ICU we brought her home. We continued administering fluids and medications ourselves over the next week and brought her back for blood work at the end of that week. All of her levels had returned to the extremely high end of normal. Not perfect, but PROGRESS!!!

Now, about 8 weeks later she is what we'd call her old self. We are continuing to give her Sub Cutaneous fluids 2 times per week (which she tolerates reasonably well), an ace inhibitor pill twice a day.  She also eats a strict Kidney food ONLY diet with a powder Phosphate binder sprinkled on it. I know this all sounds like a lot of stuff but it's quickly become routine and we hardly think about it. Thank you so much for your prayers. We are so thankful for what her vet thinks will be a few more good years with her.

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

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