Feb 7, 2013

A Bedroom For Two - Baltimore, MD. - February 2013

I often complain to anyone that will listen that we are very quickly growing out of our current space, but lately I've been seeing lots of CUTE baby/toddler rooms out there in the bloggesphere that make my little ladies shared bedroom look GIGANTIC.

Oh Happy Day's little guys sleep in a closet with the most amazing toddler on the bottom, crib on top bunk bed.
Mrs. Sabbe is converting half of their master closet into a 4'-8" x 2'-2" nursery in a closet.
So I thought it was about time I shared our girls room for two.
Room Specs:
1 large double window with southwestern exposure
The paint color is BEHR Sahara Shade (310D-5). The Hub picked it when this room was his office because it looked like "Dwight Schruit shirt".

Their closet is a good size. With the right designer it could probably house a small child. But the trick is, as with most spaces in our home, the space is shared with The Hub's outdoor gear and guitars.
The girls have the top racks and the entire right side.
Do you remember the "Book Drama" back in April of last year? Well, a small three shelf book case was the solution, turning the closet into what our babysitter calls "The Library".  I LOVE her!!!
Another area of shared space in their room are the book shelves that flank the large windows. before kids, these shelves housed all of the Hub's medical books and there really wasn't another place in the house that would fit both of these Ikea Billy Bookshelves.
The solution was to relocate the med books from the lower three shelves (the shelves the girls can reach).
This gave us 6 shelves of prime toy storage real estate.  Score!
The changing table houses all of MJ's non hanging clothes. 
And E's clothes are here,
The Ikea Expedit 8 section storage unit. The lower 2 sections have pink cloth boxes. One for loose toy storage and the other for Mega Blocks. For the center four sections, we purchased the drawer inserts for E's clothing. We left the top two sections for open storage for things like music CD's, shoes and a sound machine.
On top is what we like to call "Toy Time Out"(more to come on this later), a CD player and her hair clip board.
E's bed has a storage end table on either side.
Left drawer: magnetic letters and flash cards
Left Cabinet: Play blankets
Right Drawer: Puzzles
Right Cabinet: stuffed animals and a little people airplane.

Both girls have their favorite lovvies and special blankets.
Kitchen, Babies,
and WINGS!!!
Some of our must haves are a little harder to spot so I'll point them out. 
Black out curtains. (This is why both of my children sleep till 8 o'clock, even in the summer!)

Cloth diaper/training pants storage to the right of the changing table
Because they are different sizes...

 labels for the Hub and our babysitter are a MUST!
And 3 video monitor cameras, one here...
...and here.
It's not designer or fancy, but it works for us, and the girls like it.
Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

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Anonymous said...

love it! and please note that remi sabbe has black out curtains and still wakes up at 5:30 on occasion:)